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Calibrating forest strawberries with a simple method for a bountiful harvest

calibration of wild strawberries Calibration of wild strawberries in the hands of caring gardeners allows you to grow a bountiful harvest in the garden. Such an experiment delights summer residents, because a handful of large berries are collected from one bush. The sun-poured fruits exude a pleasant aroma, and also seduce with their extraordinary taste properties. The cultivation of such a calibrated crop does not require complex and costly procedures..

All ingenious is simple – calibration of wild strawberries

The struggle for a beautiful and very healthy berry has been going on for many centuries. Most people know that collecting it is a painstaking, and most importantly, laborious business. In some regions, this herbaceous plant is in short supply. To breed a refined strawberry plantation in your summer cottage, you need to follow these simple tips:

  1. In the spring or early autumn, go to the forest, preferably coniferous. Find a breeding ground for a rare culture between trees or in small glades. Do not pay attention to the size of the berries, since competent care will correct the situation..
  2. Dig up to 15-20 seedlings. At the same time, clods of earth from the rhizome are not shaken off, and natural mulch is not removed.
  3. In the garden or in the garden, prepare a shaded floor. An area where sun activity is observed only in the first half of the day is also suitable. Grapes or fruit trees are a great company for forestry.
  4. The earth is being dug up. Fertilize with compost / humus if needed.
  5. Prepared specimens are planted. Furrows are made or holes are placed in a chaotic manner. Maintain a distance of 40-80 cm from each other.
  6. An automatic irrigation system is installed on the territory. The secret lies in regular watering. It is held at least once a week. If the soil dries out much earlier, then the interval between spraying sessions is shortened..

Some advise to pinch off the antennae (the length of the thumb). As a result of this operation, the berries acquire a surprisingly sweet taste with subtle hints of sourness..

If the farmer plans to multiply the existing outlets, then the antennae do not need to be torn off. As the seedlings develop and grow, gardeners try to remove weeds from the garden. The soil is loosened throughout the growing season. During the “winter holidays”, immature sprouts are protected with a special shelter. A layer of spruce branches, straw or peat is laid tightly. Brave gardeners cover their beds with thick layers of snow.

During the season, such a plantation will yield several harvests. When picking strawberries, it is important to try to walk carefully between densely planted bushes. Fresh berries are frozen, compote or jam is made from them. Such a treat will become a real delicacy for the winter table / tea party.

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