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Popular types of alocasia

alocasia in the interior An ornamental plant of the Aroid family alocasia firmly settled in our homes. At first, a tropical miracle adorned office premises, and over time, skilled flower growers found an approach to the capricious beauty, and now some varieties of alocasia can often be seen in a place of honor in a bright corner of the apartment..

There are quite a few flower varieties, about 70, all of them are characterized by the presence of large oval-shaped leaves with pointed tips. But their color and size, as well as the height of the bush, already vary depending on the variety..

On the surface of the leaves of alocasia, there are stomata, through which droplets of moisture appear when there is an excess of moisture in the soil or high air humidity. For this reason, the plant can “cry” before the rain..

Some of the most popular and beautiful types of alocasia include:

  • Amazonian;
  • Sander;
  • Lowe;
  • Copper red;
  • Klobuchkovaya;
  • Large-root or Indian;
  • Smelly.

Alokazia Amazonian

It has a low stem, no more than 15 cm. It has very large, 50 cm long, leaf width is almost half of its length, the ends are pointed. The structure of the sheet is uneven, between the veins, as it were, lobes or notches are obtained, and the veins themselves protrude above the surface of the sheet plate.

The color of the leaves is dark green, the veins are white, the petioles are pinkish. At home, it rarely blooms, and if flowering nevertheless occurs, then an elongated inflorescence-ear of white with a green tint appears.

Alokazia Sander

Hybrid variety, grows mainly in greenhouses. The plant has a tuber-shaped root system. Elongated arrow-shaped leaves are attached to the long, green petioles. The length of the leaf of alocasia is not more than 40 cm, and the width is not more than 15 cm. There are white, evenly traced veins all over the leaf, in addition, the edges of the leaf are also outlined with a light border.

Alocasia Lowe

A characteristic feature of the variety is a short trunk, while the height of the bush itself sometimes reaches 1 m. Unlike most types of alocasia, the petiole is attached not at the base of the leaf, but in the center. The color of the leaf plate is green, but the veins can be either white or the same color as the leaf. On the reverse side, the leaves are purple..

Alocasia copper-red

The variety is distinguished by its small size: petioles are maximum 10 cm in length, while often located under the ground, and the length of the leaves does not exceed 30 cm. It has a very beautiful decorative appearance due to the unusual color of the leaves – dark green veins on a light green background with a copper sheen. The reverse side of the leaf is purple. In natural conditions, alocasia blooms, but at home it does not..

Alocasia klobuchkovaya

The plant has a powerful trunk (5 cm), the total height of the bush with good care reaches a meter, while the petioles themselves can reach 50 cm in length.The leaves are solid, green with gloss, veins, unlike other varieties of the same color with the leaf, but good drawn. The leaf itself is very similar in shape to a drawn heart..

Alocasia klobuchkovaya is one of the largest species, because the length of the leaf is about a meter, and the width is almost the same (80 cm). At home, alocasia blooms only when it grows to a large bush: it produces a long peduncle, on which an inflorescence-cob is located.

Alocasia large-root

A variety of plants can be found only in greenhouses, since it has a high trunk (more than 2 m) and meter petioles. The leaves themselves are also large, about a meter long. The leaf shape is rounded, the veins are green. It blooms only in natural conditions, the inflorescence is a yellow-green ear.

Alocasia odorous

The variety got its name due to the specific aroma of the leaves. They are very large, 1 m long, at maximum development they stretch out a little, but the young leaves are more like a rounded shield. Fragrant alocasia is grown mainly as a perennial in regions with warm climates..

A brief overview and description of the types of alocasia – video

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