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How to organize watering from plastic bottles

watering from plastic bottles In order for the plants not to die from a lack of moisture, they must be watered regularly, and this must be done correctly. Watering with plastic bottles will provide dripping water directly to the roots, leaving the ground dry and loose. And the organization of this process requires a minimum of funds and efforts..

Benefits of bottle drip irrigation

The principle of operation of drip irrigation from bottles – water flows directly to the roots, moisturizing only the root system of a particular plant, without spilling over the top layer of the soil. In addition, there is a natural regulation of moisture in the soil, since irrigation is carried out only as needed..

And if the plants are watered from above, according to the rain principle, then the moisture, under the influence of the sun, begins to evaporate quickly. As a result, a dry crust and cracks form on the surface of the earth, through which the wind and the sun carry away the remaining moisture, as a result of which the roots dry out and there is little benefit from such watering..

Watering from plastic bottles – creating a system with your own hands

To make an irrigation system from plastic bottles, you can use bottles of various shapes and colors, but the optimal container size is 1-2 liters.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Take a regular plastic bottle and unscrew the cap.
  2. Make one or several holes in the lid with a thin awl (no more than 3 mm), preferably not in the center of the lid, but along its edges – in a groove. This is necessary in order to make it easier to clean the system in case of clogging. You need to clean it with a thin wire – you just need to get into this groove and draw it in a circle. The more holes, the better the moist soil.
  3. Screw the cover back on.
  4. Having retreated 5-7 cm from the bottom of the bottle, draw a line parallel to it.
  5. Cut off the bottom of the bottle along this line, but not completely, but leaving 2-3 cm.Thus, a non-removable lid for the container is made.
  6. Everything is ready – you can bury the prepared irrigation system in the ground. This should be done as close to the plant as possible, but so as not to damage the roots. The depth of immersion in the soil – 10-12 cm.
  7. At the bottom of the prepared hole, you need to put some hay or straw, you can dry grass, firstly, as drainage, and secondly, so that the water diverges better and the holes in the lid are not clogged so quickly.

Depending on the type of soil, the holes in the lid may not be enough for effective watering – especially in dry weather for moisture-loving plants. In such cases, holes can be pierced over the entire area of ​​the part of the bottle that will be in the ground..

Watering from plastic bottles – simplifies the process of caring for your personal plot. Since thanks to this method, the number of weeds is reduced – after all, not all the soil is moistened, but a specific plant.

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