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We make a greenhouse for warm beds with tomatoes

greenhouse for warm beds In small areas, it is unprofitable to equip a greenhouse, because a stationary structure takes up much more space than a greenhouse. You need to take care of the greenhouse, paint wooden supports so that the boards do not dry out.

Therefore, many summer residents who use warm beds on their site equip miniature greenhouses for tomatoes and other crops. This growing technology allows you to plant seedlings in the beds two weeks earlier, which means you can harvest the crop in mid-June. Heat-loving crops can be grown in a greenhouse, even if you live in cold climates.

Installing arcs on warm beds

It is necessary to install arcs on the bed. To do this, metal pins are driven into the ground near the wooden frame of a warm bed, which will serve as supports for the arcs. Supports are installed at the same distance from each other.

Then they are put on polyethylene pipes for cold water..

With a warm bed width of 1 m, use a 2.5 m long pipe.Thus, the height of the finished greenhouse will be 1.1 m, which is quite enough for tomatoes. If you want to plant cucumbers or other tall crops in the garden, use pipe pieces 5 m long.

When the arcs are installed, you need to additionally strengthen them. To do this, use a bar 50 mm thick, which is installed vertically in the middle of the end arc. The resulting support is fixed with screws..

The end supports are covered with plastic wrap, which is secured with construction clamps. The film is fixed to the body of the warm bed with a wooden lath.

When the end supports are ready, all arcs need to be aligned to the level. To do this, one side of each arc is screwed to the body of a warm bed, and then a central guide beam is installed on the arcs. It is screwed to the end arcs.

After aligning to the level of all arcs, they are firmly screwed to the body of the warm bed. At a distance of 25 cm from the central beam, two other boards are screwed, which are needed for convenient support of the covering material.

After the construction of the supports, the greenhouse must be covered with a white covering material. This growing method has a number of advantages:

  1. Moisture lasts longer inside the greenhouse, so there is no need to mulch the beds.
  2. The temperature in the greenhouse is stable, therefore, it is possible to grow thermophilic crops with the help of a greenhouse even in cold climates..
  3. Tomatoes need ventilation to grow well. Side rails allow opening the film for fresh air.

The advantage of the greenhouse design is that it can be disassembled and moved to another warm bed for the next year. This allows you to maintain crop rotation.

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