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White acacia jam is an unusual delicacy for everyone

white acacia jam Very often, what is useful is not always tasty. However, white acacia jam can strike with its extraordinary aroma and taste. It turns out to be quite easy to make a healing jam. Sugar, water and fragrant flowers are taken in even parts. Still, there are some nuances that should be taken into account when heat treatment.

As you know, it is necessary to collect natural raw materials away from the city and highways. Only in this case will it bring maximum benefit. After all, the obtained honey is used for diseases of the genitourinary system and female ailments..

It takes one hour for white acacia jam

They start by picking flowers from the branches. You shouldn’t wash them. Leaves are chosen from the aromatic mass because they give bitterness. Ingredients are measured not by weight, but by volume. You should get 700 ml of dry raw materials. Then everything is poured with cold water – about 0.7 liters. Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil. Then follow these recommendations:

  • over low heat, the mixture melts for up to 20-30 minutes;
  • as soon as the liquid evaporates, add another 350 ml (that is, half of the required one, in total, according to the recipe, 1 liter of water is needed);
  • at the end, add one teaspoon of citric acid to give the white acacia jam a bright pink hue;
  • then leave for another 2-3 minutes, let it come on low heat.

It should be noted that the acid not only gives honey a delicate color, but also removes the smell of grass. As a result, the syrup becomes more aromatic..

The resulting broth is filtered through a sieve. The flower mass is squeezed out using a potato grinder. Next, measure the amount of liquid with a measuring glass. The same amount of sugar is added in the original. However, it is better to put it a little more. So, if you get 500 ml of a drink, then 700 ml of refined sugar is put. Stir the contents well. After it boils, it is simmered for 3-5 minutes. At the same time, trying to avoid strong gurgling.

Final stage

Jars and lids must be sterilized. Some people practice pouring water into a container – 1 tbsp. l., and then put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. The remaining water is drained off. While the jam is still hot, it is poured into a bowl and tightly closed. Keeps healing honey in a cool / dark place.

Among other things, individual branches of robinia are dried in order to add them to teas or compotes in winter. This gives the drink an extraordinary aroma and also makes its taste irresistible..

The unusual white acacia jam is used in different ways. Some use it as a medicine, while others spread it on a freshly baked bun. Nevertheless, many note that after such therapy, they feel vigorous and healthy. Only beneficial trace elements contained in flowers have such a beneficial effect..

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