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What you need to know when planning the cultivation of cranberries in the country

growing cranberries The attention of gardeners is more and more attracted by the inhabitant of swamps and damp soil. Growing cranberries for many is not particularly difficult. There is considerable merit in this and the breeders who bred varieties that are most adapted to home cultivation. In addition, they have larger berry sizes. However, this marsh plant, first of all, owes its “cultivation” to gardeners and gardeners, who create conditions on their plots as close as possible to the natural habitat of berry growth, and surround the cranberries with careful care. So, what does cranberry love and how to tame a swamp beauty??

Cranberries are not only a healthy berry culture. It can also be grown as an ornamental plant, because evergreen bushes look spectacular on the site, both in summer and in winter. In addition, in the cold season, they change from green to reddish crimson..

How to dilute?

There are several ways to grow and propagate cranberries:

  1. Purchase seedlings. Unfortunately, not all nurseries have them, and they are not cheap..
  2. Ask friends who have this culture, cuttings and root them.

Most often, gardeners propagate cranberries by cuttings, because thin and fragile-looking branches take root well. Cuttings should be from 5 to 12 cm long. Moreover, the longer the part of the shoot, which is buried in the soil, the more roots are formed (they will grow from each leaf axil) and the bush will be stronger. You can also first put the cuttings in water, and after the roots appear, plant them in the ground according to the 10 x 10 cm scheme (or first in a pot).

Above the soil surface, a part of the root of no more than 2 cm should remain. In order for the cutting to grow more roots, it must be planted, strictly observing the polarity (top-bottom). If you set the twig “upside down”, it will also take root, but it will take roots only at the highest point (leaf).

Where to plant?

For cranberries, the part of the garden where most plants cannot grow is suitable – right under the trees. The bushes themselves are small, and can fill the empty space under the trees, creating a green carpet..

It is necessary to plant cranberries in such a way that tall neighbors are on the north side. They will serve as protection from the cold, and will not obscure the sun. Indeed, although the berry will grow in the shade, it will not be able to please with a bountiful harvest..

How to prepare the soil when planning to grow cranberries

Since cranberries love moist, loose and acidic soil, garden soil is usually too heavy and dense for them. Therefore, it must be removed from the garden bed where planting is supposed to be, and high moor peat should be filled in its place. You don’t need to add anything else, peat is enough for cranberries and it will grow well in it.

So that the peat does not dry out quickly and the roots do not heat up, you can cover the bed with a layer of sand on top.

Video about growing cranberries on a private plot

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