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Cranberry juice – we prepare our own natural cure for flu and colds

cranberry juice With the arrival of October, it becomes disgusting and damp on the street, and colds increasingly remind of themselves to those who have not yet had time to change light clothes for warmer seasonal clothes. However, there is one wonderful remedy that our grandmothers used to protect our body from a cold, cough and other delights of the disease – this is cranberry juice. In addition to being very tasty, the drink is also extremely useful due to the rich vitamin composition of red berries. The most important thing is to properly prepare the fruit drink in order to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, and then it can really not only quench your thirst, but also strengthen the immune system. We know some tricks on how to do this, and we are happy to share the secret with you..

So that the berries do not lose their beneficial properties, they must be properly prepared. 0.5 kg of cranberries make 3 liters of fruit drink.

Preparation of berries

First, pour the cranberries into a bowl and rinse thoroughly under running water. To drain the excess, we discard the berries in a colander. By the way, there is absolutely no need to sit and painstakingly select each leaf or twig, because they still will not get into the juice itself.

So, the berries are washed and now we proceed to the process itself:

  1. Pour boiling water over the cranberries.
  2. Cover and leave for 15 minutes, no longer. During this time, the berries will steam up and then they will give better juice..
  3. After a quarter of an hour, cover the pan in which the fruit drink will be prepared with gauze folded in 4 layers and strain the steamed berries through it.
  4. Now, right in a colander on gauze, we begin to squeeze the juice from the berries using a potato grinder.
  5. We twist the cheesecloth into a kind of bag and squeeze the juice out of it with the same potato grinder.

In total, we got two ingredients: the juice along with the water with which we poured the berries, and the pomace. Pour the liquid part into a bowl for now and set it aside. We put the pomace in a saucepan – you can still get juice from them..

The gauze must be folded into 4 layers, otherwise it will break during the extraction of cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice – cooking stages

To get 3 liters of fruit drink from 0.5 kg of cranberries, fill the pomace with water in an amount of about 2.5 liters. We put on fire and begin to warm up. All this time we continue to knead the berries.

If the fruit drink is prepared for adults, add 1 glass of sugar to the specified amount of liquid. For children, it’s better to make an unsweetened drink..

It is impossible to bring to a boil, because then we will lose most of the vitamins, in particular vitamin C. Therefore, when the liquid is about to boil (bubbles appear along the edge of the cake), the pan must be removed from the stove and filtered.

In conclusion, it remains to combine the strained infusion of pomace and cranberry juice and enjoy a fragrant drink of a beautiful ruby ​​color.

Step by step preparation of cranberry juice

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