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Controlling garden pests with biologicals

biological pest control A gardener’s collection must contain at least one environmentally friendly product. There are many different opinions about drugs that are of biological origin. Some consider them to be completely ineffective. But the reason is only that such products should be used quite often, choosing the right moment for this. At the same time, it is important to know the intended purpose of the selected funds. So, three types are proposed for consideration: Gumi in combination with BTB and LPTs.

Gumi refers to agents that increase the immune system of plants. Biological compounds also make foliage resilient. It becomes harder for insects to chew and eat..

Bitoxibicillin – humanity in every molecule

Such a long name is hidden behind the abbreviation BTB. This drug belongs to the group of insecticides. However, there is nothing wrong here, since it contains exclusively biological substances. Such a complex helps to fight:

  • with cabbage / turnip whites;
  • scoop;
  • spider mite;
  • apple moth;
  • leaf roll;
  • hawthorn.

It is worth carrying out 3-4 treatments of the culture at intervals of 7-8 days, as the population of harmful insects decreases several times. Although they will not completely disappear from the site, there will still be very few of them to destroy the entire crop..

First, for example, cucumbers are harvested from the garden, then the bushes are sprayed with a biological solution. After 5 days, they again go out into the field for a new batch of organic vegetables.

Lepidocide – control of embryos

The components of this substance have an effect more on the larvae and caterpillars than on the insects themselves. Therefore, it is used in tandem with Bitoxibicillin and Gumin. It is effective against:

  • carrot moth;
  • aphids;
  • whites;
  • moth;
  • moths;
  • sawfly;
  • gall midges.

These “well-wishers” are often found on gooseberries, raspberries, currants and mountain ash. Spraying bushes and fruit trees is advised to be carried out during the growing season. The concept is quite broad, but still there are several signs indicating a favorable time for this:

  • temperature not lower than + 10 ° С;
  • phase of development of green cones or pink buds;
  • the appearance of ovaries.

Plants are processed in turn: first with BTB, and then with LPC. Mix each sachet of the preparation with 1/3 of humin. Irrigation is carried out early in the morning or late in the evening. The weather should be cloudy, but no rain, and also calm. Then the solution will not dry quickly from the surface..

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