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Brickwork fence

brick fence To build a beautiful brick fence on your site is the dream of many summer residents. You can do this yourself. In brickwork, as in any construction, the main thing is to prepare the tools and calculate the amount of material, therefore, they first carry out the calculations.

If you do not make calculations and immediately start building the wall of the fence, the seams between the bricks will turn out to be of different thicknesses, which is not very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, with a high probability it will be necessary to use fragments of bricks when laying..

Fence construction tools

In order to build a brick fence, you will need the following tools:

  • Master OK;
  • paint brush;
  • slats and guide thread;
  • jointing for seams;
  • level.

Joining is a special tool for masonry. With its help, the seams between the bricks are rubbed, removing excess cement mortar. In order to keep the seam width the same along the entire length of the fence, use slats.

How to make the masonry even

Before starting the laying, a little cement mortar is applied to the ground to get rid of the unevenness of the soil. The first row of the wall is laid on the cement pad. To level the brick, use a level or guide thread stretched between the posts along the edge of the strobe.

A lath is laid on the first row of bricks and a layer of cement mortar is applied with a thickness of about 1 cm.Do not apply cement in a level with the lath so that the mortar does not protrude beyond the edges of the brick during the laying of the second row of the wall.

At this stage, two guide rails with a thickness of 8 mm are used in order to make the same seams over the entire area of ​​the brick wall of the fence. When laying on four bricks, it is convenient to use a 1.1 m long strip for horizontal joints and 15 cm for vertical joints..

After the first brick has been laid, a vertical rail is applied to its edges, and its side is lubricated with cement. Then the next brick in the row is laid..

The horizontal rail is moved and the rest of the row is laid. Thus, a brick wall comes out with seams of the same thickness..

After laying two rows of the fence, the seams must be embroidered. With the help of jointing, the excess cement mortar is removed between the bricks. Then the cement is rubbed with a molar brush.

It is impossible to grout joints with not dried cement, since you will cover the brick with mortar. After laying the row, you need to wait 5 minutes until the cement mortar dries up a little..

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