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DIY kitchen furniture restoration

DIY kitchen furniture restoration

Over time, even the most expensive and high-quality headsets installed in the kitchen lose their original appeal. Continuous operation in conditions of temperature extremes, high humidity and the need for frequent cleaning with the use of abrasive or alkaline cleaning agents leads to failure of fittings, deformation of the material, discoloration of facades and many other unpleasant phenomena.

If buying new cabinets is not part of your plans, it is worth trying to restore the kitchen furniture so that it becomes a decoration of the room again. At first glance, it seems incredibly difficult to do this, but in fact, the procedure is quite fascinating, and besides, you can do the transformation of the environment with the whole family..

When restoration is needed?

When is restoration needed?

When does a headset need updating? It’s easy to determine:

  • the body is still strong, but the facades are covered with scuffs, chips, scratches;
  • grease stains, traces of hot dishes appeared on the countertop, and it was deformed under the influence of moisture;
  • you need to replace or “transplant” the fittings to another place;
  • the outdated design has become boring or there is a need to change the color after redecorating the room.

Redesigning a kitchen will cost little if you think over a new design in advance, choose high-quality, but inexpensive materials. All that is required is a creative approach to business, as well as having free time to restore kitchen furniture with your own hands.

Restorative method options

Of course, replacement of functional elements (countertops, facades, showcases, aprons) should be performed only by a professional craftsman. Independent restoration of the facades of kitchen furniture can be carried out if necessary:

  • replace fittings;
  • paint, varnish natural wood;
  • stick decorative stickers or film.

If you wish, you can create a real work of art from a typical bedside table, unremarkable lockers, boring drawers.

We change accessories

We change accessories

To restore the functionality of the furniture, you should initially pay attention to the hinges, handles, guides. The fittings can work properly, but the places of their installation are often loosened, the material of the body and front panels crumbles, the fastening loses its reliability. This situation requires the relocation of door sheds or handles..

The work is carried out in several stages:

  • dismantling of old elements;
  • marking of holes in the selected attachment point;
  • drilling holes;
  • installation of fittings.

Old holes must be hidden under an acrylic-based filler. As a result, the cabinets will again delight with smooth doors and excellent work..

Interior Stickers

If the restoration of MDF facades consists only in the need to hide small defects, this method will be very relevant..

On the doors of the headset, restaurant-themed stickers will look harmonious:

  • tableware;
  • vegetables or fruits;
  • sweets;
  • cups of tea or coffee;
  • thematic inscriptions.

Even a child can cope with pasting bright stickers. You just need to remove the protective layer from the sticky side, gently spread the sticker over the surface. By the way, the decor can be removed at any time to be replaced with a new one..



Do you like Provence style kitchens? Restore your old and boring kitchen furniture using a decor technique called decoupage. The material for it can be fabric, oilcloth, postcards and even ordinary newspapers..

For work you need:

  • paint brush with narrow bristles;
  • putty knife;
  • wood putty;
  • sandpaper;
  • solvent;
  • PVA glue;
  • varnish.

Finishing the front panels begins with coarse sanding and then fine sanding. Then the slightest cracks are carefully rubbed with putty. To make the surface smooth and easy to work with, the composition is applied in 2 layers, allowing the first one to dry well first. The workpiece is degreased with a solvent before pasting with material.

Fabric, paper or oilcloth is glued to PVA glue. After drying, varnish in 4-5 coats using a flexible brush to prevent the formation of pale spots. In a day, the headset can already be used.

Pasting with film

This method is suitable for fast and inexpensive restoration of kitchen facades. Vinyl covering with a lower self-adhesive layer has a number of advantages:

  • good strength;
  • resistance to moisture and high temperature;
  • does not fade in direct sunlight;
  • retains the brightness of shades for a long time.

It is convenient to work with the material, and its low price allows you to restore the facades of the kitchen without much damage to the budget..

Before pasting, the doors are removed from the hinges, the surface is cleaned of dirt, treated with a degreasing compound, and then gently spread the film with hands and a spatula. The air bubbles that appear are pierced with a needle. If it was not possible to apply self-adhesive without irregularities and creases the first time, tear off a piece and try to work with a new one. Throw away the used material. Plain film can be purchased at home improvement stores or wallpaper stores. If you want the kitchen to become not only beautiful, but also unusual, order a cover with photo printing.


The restoration of MDF facades also involves the use of natural materials. The appearance of the kitchen will transform the rattan canvas. Thanks to its interesting texture and warm shade, the room will become more comfortable. Before starting work, pieces of canvas cut to a suitable size are soaked in water for half an hour. The wet material is applied to the prepared surface, lubricated with superglue or PVA glue. For greater reliability, fix the rattan at the edges with a furniture stapler. Moldings are installed along the perimeter of the facade – thin strips docked with each other at an angle of 45´.

Even in the photo restoration of kitchen furniture rattan canvas looks cozy at home. This option is ideal for transforming classic style headsets. The dried rattan will be taut like a string. Elegant material retains its visual appeal for a long time, does not react to the adverse effects of external factors.



Restoration of solid wood facades can be carried out by using paint compositions. Some craftsmen recommend using car enamel, which is not afraid of moisture, or high temperatures, or the ingress of acidic cleaning agents..

The procedure takes place in several stages:

  • disassembling the facade: the door is removed from the hinges, glass inserts are removed or temporarily sealed, the fittings are unscrewed;
  • the surface is sanded with sandpaper;
  • with a special primer for wood processing, cover the entire part in 2 layers;
  • proceed directly to staining using a brush or roller.

Restoration of home kitchen furniture from natural solid wood requires subsequent varnishing. Using a brush, the transparent compound is evenly applied to the painted wood, making its color brighter. To achieve an aesthetic result, it is necessary to apply 3-4 layers of varnish, trying to make each top layer thinner than the bottom.

Installation of new facades

The simplest method of restoring glossy and any other kitchen furniture is to install new exterior panels. In the carpentry shops, you can order modern facades, providing the craftsmen with measurements of the old ones. Customers are given the opportunity to choose the material from which they will be made, their color, the type of fittings. If it was not possible to cope with the measurements on your own, you can call a specialist at home. The wizard will make all the necessary calculations, and then install the finished facades.

Replacing the countertop

To update the appearance of kitchen furniture, restoration of facades made of MDF or wood is not enough. The table top also requires tidying up – the most used element of the headset. Heavy hot pots are placed on it, food is cut on it, meat is beaten off. It is not surprising that its surface quickly deteriorates. There are several ways to update the countertop..

1. Decorate with ceramic tiles

A mosaic of small tiles is laid out on a surface sanded with a grinder and treated with glue. The elements must be in close contact, leaving no gaps. After 6-8 hours after laying out, grout the joints, and when everything is completely dry, they are covered with 3-5 layers of furniture varnish.

2. Installation of protective glass

An original way to update. The tabletop is cleaned, wooden planks are attached to it, dividing the entire surface into sectors of arbitrary shape. Then each of them is filled with decorative material: expanded clay, pebbles, large beads, coffee beans and others. Tempered impact-resistant glass is placed on top, fixing it with bolts or gluing it with special glue.

3. Installation of a new tabletop

The old one is removed, and another is installed in its place. The replacement should be entrusted to professionals.

To update the look of your kitchen, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to buy a fancy headset. Do-it-yourself restoration work will save the family budget and realize personal design fantasies.

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