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The most common insect pests

Chafer With the onset of the spring season, insects become more active. In Russian gardens, the most common pests are the May beetle, furry deer and aphids. These insects can destroy a significant part of the crop, so they must be destroyed..


The May beetle is a fairly large insect. Some individuals reach a size of up to 4 cm. The May beetle feeds exclusively on green leaves. Loves to eat maple, apple and oak. After mating, the female beetle burrows into the ground and lays eggs, from which larvae develop. They are able to live in soil for up to 5 years. At the initial stage of development, the larvae feed on the roots of young seedlings, and when they grow up to 3 years of age, they can gnaw through the roots of 5-year-old fruit trees.

One of the ways to deal with the beetle is to dig up the soil. The larvae of this insect live shallowly, at a depth of up to 15 cm. Dig up the soil near the trunk circle of fruit trees and bushes and pour it with garlic infusion. One head of garlic should be finely chopped, filled with warm water and allowed to brew for 2-3 days. Since the larvae hatch from the eggs gradually, digging the soil is carried out 4 times per season..

The most effective way to deal with the May beetle is to treat the soil with insecticides during its emergence in May, and then in mid-July, when the female burrows into the ground to lay eggs..

The May beetle has natural enemies. Its larvae are destroyed by moles and mice, and starlings feed on adult beetles, so it will be useful to hang a birdhouse in your area..

Furry deer

The furry deer is a bug up to 7 mm in size. It attacks fruit trees during the flowering period: it eats away flowers. At this time, it is necessary to treat fruit trees with insecticides..

When trees are in bloom, it is important to treat them with bee-safe formulations..

If you do not want to use “chemistry” on your site, then you can spread a cloth under the tree and shake off insects on it.

Ticks also wake up with a furry deer. These insects are inconspicuous. There is a risk of ticks getting on the human body, so wear tight clothing to protect your arms and neck..


Aphids are the most dangerous pest. These insects reproduce at a tremendous rate. Aphids stick to the plant and suck out its juice. To combat aphids, prepare a soapy solution (100 grams of soap in a bucket of water) and spray it on the trees. Another effective way to get rid of aphids is to destroy ants..

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