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Man’s best friend is parsley

useful properties of parsley Parsley belongs to the class of celery. In the literature, the Latin name of the spice is translated as “mountain celery”. The homeland of parsley is the Mediterranean, and its use is rooted in the distant past. Our ancestors studied the properties of fragrant herb not from books, but from their own experience, so today the benefits of parsley are not only scientifically proven, but also tested over the years. Unfortunately, for a certain period it was undeservedly forgotten, but in the eighteenth century the spice returned again and since then has been actively used not only in cooking, but also for medical and cosmetic purposes..

What’s in parsley?

Parsley has a very rich complex of nutrients, the main value of which is:

  • food coarse fiber;
  • vitamins C, A and K;
  • apigenin.

What happens to the body when eating parsley?

Vitamin A, which is part of parsley, helps to maintain clarity of vision and acts as a good antioxidant. Vitamin C protects the body from cancer, and vitamin K is needed for the formation of bones, in addition, it regulates the work of the blood clotting system.

In terms of fiber content, parsley is ahead of dill and celery.

It is especially important to use parsley in the presence of cancer, because one of its main components – apigenin – slows down the growth of tumors and contributes to their death, since it prevents blood from entering the malignant formation.

How to choose quality parsley?

As you know, the healthiest vegetables or fruits are fresh. The same goes for spicy greens. It’s good if you have your own garden and you can pick juicy grass every day. The rest have to be content with a store product..

In order not to be mistaken with the choice and get really fresh greens, you need to choose only bright green twigs with elastic leaves. The presence of yellow and wilted leaves indicates that the parsley is old or cut for a long time..

How to store it correctly?

A refrigerator and an ordinary glass of water, in which you need to put a bunch of herbs, will help to keep the freshness of the spice for a couple of days. You can extend the “life” of parsley by 1-2 weeks using a container with a lid.

For longer storage, it is advisable to dry the grass, and then pour it into a linen bag and place it in a dark, dry and cool place. You can also freeze it.

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