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Growing crocuses: how to create a blooming primroses carpet in the garden

growing crocuses In early spring, when the snow-white cover still lies on the lawns, spring primroses-crocuses are among the first to bloom. Crocus cultivation is perhaps one of the easiest. The most important thing is to choose the right place for them in the garden so that the bulbs can wake up with the first spring sun. In the future, these charming flowers will multiply themselves every year, expanding their possessions and delighting with delicate bells.

Where and when to plant

For crocuses, you need to take a cozy and bright place. If you have early flowering spring varieties, this will be a little easier. Such species can grow under trees as well. At the time when the bulbs release buds, there will not yet be a lush deciduous crown of neighbors above them. Accordingly, no one will cover the sun and the lighting will be enough for them. For autumn-blooming crocuses, it is worth taking a separate flower bed or planting them among the front garden. Can be planted in spring or autumn..

If you are an adherent of non-standard solutions, pay attention to such an interesting way as growing crocuses in the lawn. Do not worry, the grass and flowers will not interfere with each other and even mowing the lawn will not damage them. The first mowing of the lawn is usually done in late April – early May. By this time, the aerial part of the crocuses is already dying off, and the bulbs are reliably hidden under the grass cover..

You can plant them on the lawn as follows:

  1. If the lawn is young, simply choose a location with less grass. Make holes there, lay onions and sprinkle with earth.
  2. On a lawn with dense grass, you need to clear the area first. To do this, cut the turf with a shovel on three sides and carefully open the lawn, opening it, to the page of the book. There is no need to cut on the fourth side. Loosen the soil and plant the bulbs. Put the turf back in place. In the spring the bulbs will sprout through the grass.

Do not deepen the crocuses when planting. It is enough to make a hole with a depth equal to three times the height of the bulb. If you will not plant new plants, leave about 10 cm between the bulbs.They will quickly acquire children and in two years you will have a lush curtain.

Before planting the bulbs, it is advisable to process them for the prevention of diseases. To do this, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or special preparations, for example, Maxim Dachnik.

Growing crocuses: simple care rules

Primroses will not require much attention. If the spring is rainy, then there is no need to water them, and vice versa. Crocuses grow well in fertile soil without additional fertilizing. On poor sandy soils, it is advisable to apply mineral fertilizers three times: after germination, during budding and after flowering. It is better to use potassium-phosphorus preparations. Plant your curtains every 5 years so that they are not too thick..

How to grow crocuses in the garden, planting methods – video

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