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We increase the fruiting of indoor lemon

fruiting indoor lemon Lemon is an exotic houseplant. A fruiting citrus must be properly grafted onto the stock. If you have grafted a cultivar of lemon correctly onto the rootstock, and you haven’t been producing fruit for three years now, there are a few tricks you can use to speed it up. Like any bush, lemon will begin to bear fruit if the green shoots are ringed. But there are several more specific ways to increase the fruiting of citrus plants. Let’s consider some of them.

Stimulation of sap flow

If the lemon does not bear fruit, and its branches are already stiff, the leaves look dull and pale, it is necessary to carry out moisture-charging watering. If you make one large water-charging watering, then the root system of the lemon will rot and the plant will die. It is also not recommended to water an earthen lump with cold water..

Water the plant with warm water every day. You need to pour water into the pan. At first, the plant will take a little water from the sump, but a month after such watering, the roots will greedily drink water, which will increase the sap flow.

Due to the intensive movement of tree sap, the growth of new green shoots will be stimulated, on which flower buds will be located..

Ringing green shoots

If you are afraid to wet the soil too much, then you can ring the green shoots of the bush. Then the lemon will intensively begin to absorb the reserve nutrients accumulated in the leaf plates, which will stimulate the blooming of flower buds and the formation of fruits. For ringing, choose a young green lemon shoot. Use a razor blade or utility knife to remove the small ring of bark between the two flower buds. The bark ribbon should be up to 0.5 cm wide.

It is important not to damage the flower buds when ringing. You need to remove the lemon bark carefully, trying not to break it. Then the bark is turned inside out and tied back to the stem of the shoot. The bark must be fixed with tape or tape so that it covers the entire cut.

Barrel hauling

Lemon absorbs nutrients from the soil and stores them in young shoots and leaves. These micronutrients then travel back to the roots. By dragging the trunk with a thick wire, you can leave some of the nutrients in the branches, which will stimulate lemon flowering. Lemon hauling can be done as soon as its trunk becomes woody..

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