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How to choose quality garden tools

practical garden tools Home garden tools are sold at garden stores. Among the variety of tools, it is important to choose quality garden tools. Consider the criteria for choosing high-quality garden tools.

Soil rippers

Rippers for soil are made only from metal. Older ripper models are similar to mini rakes. They consist of a massive wooden handle and a blade made of iron. Thanks to their high weight, even heavy soils can be worked with such rippers. Large weight is also their disadvantage. After a long work with such a ripper, the hand gets tired. It is problematic to process a large number of beds with such a ripper..

Modern soil cultivators consist of an ergonomic plastic or silicone handle and claw made of flexible stainless steel. There are usually three flexible teeth on the loosening claw. These prongs are designed to minimize the effort of the grower when working..


Today, you can find a huge number of garden rakes in garden stores. The leaf picking tools are made of plastic, and the soil can only be worked with a metal rake. Metal rake is divided into professional and non-professional.

Non-professional garden rake is made of soft metals and alloys. They are not designed for long-term use. The teeth of such a rake will bend if you bump into a stone while working. The handle of a non-professional rake is made of wood. The cost of a rake with a handle from untreated wood is lower. Tools with a peeled handle are more expensive. The disadvantage of such a rake is that after 2-3 seasons the rake stalk may dry out and will need to be replaced.

The professional garden rake is made entirely of metal. The handle of such a rake is rubberized or covered with silicone. The blade is made of titanium. This rake can be used daily. The teeth are made in such a way that they straighten out during prolonged work, even if they were damaged. The disadvantage of such a rake is the high cost..

The rake is selected individually for a person’s height. The main criterion when choosing a rake is ease of use..

Pruning shears for tall trees

For pruning tall trees, it is convenient to use pruning shears with a telescopic handle. These tools are professional. The pruning shear blades are driven by a rope. With this tool, you can cut branches up to 8 cm thick..

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