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Correct planting of a seedling (video)

how to plant fruit and berry trees video Planting a seedling is one of the most responsible and important processes carried out at a summer cottage, the further viability of a planted tree or shrub depends on the correct execution of which..

For planting, you should choose only healthy and high-quality seedlings purchased in specialized nurseries, stores, from private owners or in garden centers..

The timing of planting is determined by the characteristics of the growth and development of each fruit or berry tree separately, and seedlings can be transplanted only during the dormant period – in early spring or late autumn. In winter, trees are planted only by specialists who know everything about their planting and do it in practice on a regular basis..

In the video presented, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the basic rules for planting seedlings in the ground and see how to plant trees correctly.

Immediately before planting, the seedlings must be prepared – cut off damaged branches and remove dry roots. It is not recommended to remove the soil around the rhizome, therefore, an earthen lump is buried along with the root system of the seedling. The pit for the seedling should also be prepared in advance – the soil is fertilized and special soil is introduced.

If the planted shrub or tree needs additional support, then it is installed even before planting, so as not to damage the root system of the plant. Watch the video and learn to plant trees correctly, then your garden will always be great!

Video: how to plant trees correctly

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