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Construction of a gazebo in the “primitive” style

gazebo with primitive style A gazebo is a place at a summer cottage where you can have tea, barbecue and relax with your family in nature. There are a large number of design solutions for the construction and arrangement of a gazebo.

Pergola in horticulture is a canopy braided by climbing plants. In recent years, not ordinary gazebos, but pergolas are increasingly being erected in summer cottages. In construction, a pergola is called a semi-closed structure with a wooden frame. Such gazebos do not insulate.

Therefore, a pergola is an ideal option for summer residents who are at their summer cottage during the warm season. The basis for the pergola is usually made of concrete blocks, on which a wooden beam is laid..

The support of the canopy is a wooden beam 100×100 mm. You can carry out a textured processing of a bar with an ax to give it a rough texture to stylize a gazebo for a primitive dwelling. When the base of the gazebo is ready, you can start building the roof.

On the subject: do-it-yourself gazebo made of wood!

Gazebo roof

The roof frame will be boards that are installed overlapping on the supports. The boards are fastened to a wooden beam using metal corners. Cement-particle boards are laid on the wooden roof frame.

To prevent the roof from leaking, it is necessary to cover the cement-bonded particle boards with a special film. Then wooden planks are laid on top to give the roof a finished look..

Floor and inner lining of the gazebo

A terrace board can be used as a floor covering. It consists of 70% compressed sawdust and 30% of composite material. The combination of composite and sawdust makes the decking board easy and comfortable to work with.

This durable and decorative material has a number of advantages over chipboard flooring:

  1. Terrace board has high moisture resistance, it is often used when mounting open concert stages.
  2. Due to the composition of the flooring, the decking does not change its geometry.
  3. It does not start bark beetles and termites.
  4. The color of the decking board does not fade over time.

All these qualities make the decking board the ideal floor covering for pergola.

The role of the walls of the pergola is performed by cement-bonded particle boards with a height of 1 m, which are faced with artificial pebbles. Then furniture is installed in the gazebo and the space between the supports is covered with burlap fabric curtains. Inside the gazebo, you can fold a granite “stove” and install a Finnish grill in it.

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