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Plant propagation by means of green cuttings

propagation by cuttings Every 5-10 years, it is necessary to update the planting of shrubs in the garden, but it is not always possible to find the right variety on the market or in the nursery. The solution to the problem is the propagation of shrubs by cuttings.

Also, propagation by cuttings helps to preserve old varieties of peach, apple, pear, cherry and other fruit trees by grafting the cuttings.

The method of green cuttings is more suitable for growing self-rooted seedlings of black currant, gooseberry, rose, mountain ash and other shrubs.

Time for green cuttings

Shrubs are cut in the summer when the annual shoots have already begun to coarse, but have not yet acquired a brown color. The right time for black currant cuttings is early June. Gooseberry propagation is best done at the beginning of berry ripening. Clematis cuttings are cut when active growth begins – during the period of bud formation and flowering. Roses retain green shoots for a long time, so they can be cut from June until autumn.

Reproduction by green cuttings is carried out in the summer, when the sap flow has not yet stopped.

Therefore, seedlings develop faster, put down roots in the soil. Also, in the summer, more direct sunlight falls on the plants, which increases the survival rate of cuttings of gooseberries, roses and black currants..

Correct cultivation of seedlings using green cuttings

So that the mother bush does not suffer from wounds, the cut site must be covered with garden var. A part of the annual shoot of the shrub is chosen as a cutting. Each cutting should have at least three internodes. The lower leaves are removed from the shoot. The rest are cut in half – this will reduce moisture evaporation, and the cutting will take root faster.

The correct place for planting cuttings is a shaded area on the north side of the house, or under a tall, spreading tree.

Direct sunlight is bad for the survival rate of green cuttings. For the successful formation of a strong root system, cuttings need diffused sunlight and partial shade..

For planting green cuttings, it is necessary to prepare a fertile mixture of humus, sand and peat in equal proportions. Also, the soil is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate before planting. After rooting, the plants are transplanted to a permanent place..

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