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Tips for caring for your lawn after winter

aeration of the lawn after winter After the winter season, last year’s dry grass forms a dense layer that prevents young growth from developing, prevents the flow of macro- and microelements, water and air to the roots of plants. If you do not take any measures, the lawn will look untidy, it will begin to turn yellow and may even die..

Lawn aeration and scarification

In addition to such important procedures as watering, feeding, mowing, it is also necessary to carry out aeration and scarification of the lawn..

Scarification is the combing out of old dry grass using special gardening equipment or by hand with a rake. Aeration – cutting furrows in the soil to saturate it with oxygen. It is necessary to aerate and scarify the lawn to make it healthier. In this case, it is necessary:

  • remove dry grass that prevents new shoots from growing;
  • remove moss;
  • make holes in the soil up to 5 cm deep so that the plant roots can breathe.

This will ensure the flow of air and sunlight to the lower layers of the grass cover, as well as allow nutrients and moisture to get to the roots of the plants..

Aeration must be carried out monthly during the season or at least twice a year: in early spring and autumn, in October.

How to aerate

If your lawn occupies a small area, then you can carry out aeration with an ordinary garden rake. In large areas, it is better to aerate the lawn with the help of special gardening equipment – a gasoline or electric aerator. The tool cuts furrows with knives to a depth of 3-5 cm while combing out old grass and lifting it up.

Before aeration, the area must be cleaned of large debris, sticks, bark.

If you have automatic watering, then mark the nozzles with flags so as not to damage them during aeration.

After the area is treated with an aerator, all the straw is collected with a rake or a garden vacuum cleaner. It is also very convenient to harvest dry grass with a lawn mower.

Rake is better to take ordinary, metal. They collect old grass well, there is no need to go through the same place several times and redo the work. Lightweight fan rakes make a lot of skips.

Then we go through the aerator again in order to finally remove the remnants of dead wood and cut more holes in the soil..

We give the lawn an opportunity to recover, and we sow large bald patches. After aeration, it is advisable to do top dressing and a little watering. The grass will begin the growing season and grow quickly. Your lawn will have a bright green color and a uniform dense turf.

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