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Fertilizer for garlic in summer – wood ash

fertilize garlic with ash Wood ash is widely used in horticulture. When growing garlic, this fertilizer is applied in the summer, in mid-June, when the plant forms a garlic head..

In order to get a good harvest of garlic, you must:

  • carry out regular watering and loosening of the soil;
  • mulching a bed of garlic;
  • application of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers to the soil.

In the middle of summer, it is imperative to stop applying nitrogen fertilizers for garlic, since during this period, due to an excess of nitrogen, developed green tops will form, and there will be no good harvest of garlic. Only potash and phosphorus fertilizers are applied to the soil. Potassium and phosphorus are needed to form a large head of garlic.

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Feeding garlic with ash

It is in ash that potassium and phosphorus are found in large quantities. Top dressing of garlic is carried out with an ash solution. To prepare a solution, 100 g of ash is diluted in 10 liters of water.

Ash fume hood can also be used. For its preparation, two times less mineral fertilizer is used, and the solution is brought to a boil.

Plants need to be watered with a product at room temperature. Top dressing is carried out every two weeks before harvest. In order to get a good harvest of garlic, feeding is not enough..

Garlic care for a good harvest

If loam predominates on your site, then after frequent rains, the soil becomes dense. Because of this, the root system of garlic cannot absorb nutrients, so the tips of its feathers turn yellow..

In order to cope with the yellowing of garlic feathers, regularly loosen the soil, and also add wood ash to the garden to improve the structure of the soil. Yellowing of the leaves can be caused by a lack of iron, therefore, iron-containing fertilizers are applied along with the ash.

Wood ash is a good remedy for fungal diseases that affect garlic. It is sprayed with a solution of ash and soap to combat downy mildew..

Most often, the defeat occurs in mid-June, when weeds are growing. In order to reduce the risk of mold damage, the garden must be weeded out..

In June, garlic fires arrows, so the middle of summer is the time to remove them. Garlic arrows must be cut off in such a way that there are no hemp left on the tops..

In this case, the plant will spend energy only on the formation of a garlic head. If the arrows are not removed, the yield will be much less. Arrows of garlic can be frozen and added to salads in winter.

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Ash for garlic – video!

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