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The use of greenhouse crops in greenhouses

greenhouse greenhouse Siderata is a green fertilizer that enriches the soil with trace elements and minerals. In greenhouses, natural fertilizers are sown in early August, even before the vegetables are harvested. Siderata perform a covering function and enter into symbiosis with greenhouse plants. This symbiosis is expressed in the fact that green manure does not allow weeds to develop, and cultivated plants, in turn, protect the immature sprouts of green manure crops from the scorching sun rays.

When sowing green manures, use a mixture of crops, so you will saturate the soil with all the minerals that crops need. Use a mixture of grains, legumes, and cruciferous crops.

Composition of the greenhouse greenhouse mixture

The seed mixture of green manure contains:

  • 60% oats;
  • 10% wiki field;
  • 15% white mustard;
  • 10% phacelia or buckwheat;
  • 5% rapeseed.

Cereals should form the basis of the mixture, since these green manures enrich the soil with potassium during the growth process. Field vetch belongs to the legume family, therefore it increases the amount of nitrogen in the soil. White mustard introduces phosphorus into the soil and disinfects it: it kills the pathogens of late blight. Phacelia deacidifies the soil well.

Also, bokashi are added to the seed mixture. These are microorganisms that help to process organic fertilizers. The soil is sown with siderates, and then mulched with sawdust soaked in chicken droppings.

Treatment of plants with biological products

For better green manure germination, the soil under the cultivated plants is watered with a solution of the biological M-preparation. You can use any biological M-preparation, for example, “Vostok M1”. Dissolve 15-20 ml of the preparation in 10 l of water. With biological agents, you can safely water the fruits of cultivated plants. These funds will not cause any harm to human health, since they contain beneficial bacteria..

After harvesting tomatoes or other vegetables, cut the green mass of cultivated plants at the root along with siderates.

Their root system forms additional channels through which moisture will flow to the roots of vegetable crops planted in the greenhouse the next year. In addition, the roots of cultivated plants, rotting, will enrich the soil with additional nutrients.

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