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We use wood ash as fertilizer for plants

ash as fertilizer for plants Wood ash is a very useful product for plants. It contains a large amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which plants need during flowering and fruiting..

The disadvantage of wood ash is that it practically does not contain nitrogen, which is necessary for plants during the active growing season. It is necessary to feed the plants with complex mineral fertilizers.

It is not advisable to use nitrogen-containing fertilizers at the same time as ash. When used in this manner, nitrogen reacts with alkali to form ammonia, which quickly evaporates. Better to apply nitrogen fertilizers and ash on different days.

Also, ash cannot be applied to the soil along with phosphorus fertilizers. In this case, phosphorus will not be absorbed by plants..

Benefits of ash as fertilizer

Wood ash does not contain chlorine, so it can be safely used for fertilization:

  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • potatoes;
  • carrots;
  • strawberries;
  • raspberries.

All these crops do not tolerate the introduction of chlorine into the soil. In addition, ash reduces the acidity of the soil and makes the soil looser, so it is brought in to normalize the pH level..

If your site is dominated by loam or peat soil, it is recommended to apply from 700 to 1.5 kg of wood ash per 1 m2 of area. If you are using ash from straw burning, the rate should be doubled..

When using wood ash as fertilizer, the rate is 100 g per 1 m2 of planting area. During the growing season, it is necessary to make a liquid top dressing. For its preparation, 100 g of ash is dissolved in 10 liters of water.

What plants are damaged by ash

Since wood ash has an alkaline reaction, it is not recommended to apply it under crops that grow on acidic soil. These are mainly ornamental plants:

  • coniferous crops;
  • magnolia;
  • azalea;
  • rhododendrons.

Neutral soil is not suitable for such plants..

Ash as a remedy for pests and fungal diseases

To get rid of aphids and slugs, moisten the leaves of the plants in the early morning and sprinkle them with wood ash. This method is effective for potatoes and strawberries..

If you mix the infusion of wood ash, tobacco and laundry soap in equal proportions, you get an excellent remedy for powdery mildew and aphids..

How to prepare wood ash

Collect ash after picnics, burn hazel and diseased tree branches. You need to store ash in an airtight container. Subject to the storage conditions, the shelf life of wood ash is not limited.

Walnuts release toxic substances that inhibit the growth of other crops. When branches and leaves are burned, these substances disintegrate. Wood ash obtained from burning hazel can be safely used to fertilize other plants.

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