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Combined irrigation system in the country

combined irrigation Combined irrigation at a summer cottage can be arranged independently. To do this, stretch plastic hoses over each bed. The combined irrigation system is connected to a central water supply system or to an autonomous water source. In the first case, a filtration system does not need to be built into the irrigation control unit..

If you connect combined irrigation to a well or a well, then it can be automated. For automation, an electronic system for opening water valves is installed on the irrigation control unit. The pump is set so that it turns on when the shut-off valves are opened.

It is possible to install a combined irrigation system without automation. In this case, the system is connected to any water source, both autonomous and centralized..

Combined watering

Combined irrigation is a system of connectors and hoses. A 100 micron coarse filter and several pipes with shut-off valves are installed in the irrigation system. A reducer is also installed to reduce the water pressure in the drip irrigation hoses. The control unit is ready. After the control unit, the distributor is connected to the pipe using a compression sleeve. It allows water to be supplied independently to each hose, which makes it possible, with low water pressure in the main pipeline, to redirect water to each bed. Combined irrigation is the simultaneous use of drip and curtain irrigation.

Setting up drip irrigation

First, do drip irrigation. Each hose is perforated and laid near the plants. The combination irrigation system should be filled with water before setting up and checking the attachment irrigation, as a sudden increase in pressure can rupture the drip hoses at the first start. Next, the pressure is adjusted using a distributor. When drip irrigation is working, you can adjust the mounted.

Suspended irrigation

For hanging irrigation, props need to be installed near the beds. Hanging hoses must be at least ¾ ”in diameter. On the hose, you need to make cuts on both sides of 2 cm each. The distance between the slots should be at least 10 cm.With a water pressure of 3 atmospheres, each hose will cover a bed width of 70 cm.A hanging irrigation system is carried out to provide water for long, but narrow beds.

The advantage of combined irrigation

Water consumption when using a combined irrigation system is lower than with a drip or mounted system separately, since it is enough to irrigate for 30-45 minutes.

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