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Growing seedlings of pelargonium

seedlings of pelargonium Pelargonium requires special care after transplanting germinated seeds into the ground. For transplanting, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil. Sandy loam soil is best suited for growing geraniums. In peat soil, pelargonium will not form buds, since its root system will suffer from a lack of oxygen. Geranium does not like stagnant water, and peat soil retains moisture well. Because of this, the root system of pelargonium can rot. Geranium growing in unsuitable soil is more likely to be affected by fungal and viral diseases..

Seedling containers

You also need to choose the right containers for seedlings. Plastic cups with drainage holes will do. In a close glass, the pelargonium seed quickly forms a dense earthen ball. When the root system of pelargonium is completely covered with earth, active growth of the green mass of geranium will begin. Drainage holes will allow water to drain away, allowing the root system to develop faster.

Soil preparation

Loosening the soil will saturate the soil with oxygen necessary for the rapid development of the seedling root system. To disinfect the soil, the soil is watered with a solution of potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate is dissolved in hot water. The solution should be a deep purple color..

As soon as the water comes into contact with the soil surface, it instantly cools down. But if the solution gets on the container, there is a risk of melting the plastic. Therefore, you need to water the soil with a solution carefully..

When the potassium permanganate solution is absorbed into the soil, germinated seeds can be planted in seedling containers. In order not to damage the young roots of the seed, you need to use tweezers or a culinary skewer. The seed is carefully pryed off and transplanted into a seedling container.

It is impossible to deeply bury the seeds in the soil. They are placed in a well with a depth of 0.5 mm. Only roots should be in the ground. As the seed grows, it is covered with earth..

Fighting seedling diseases

Young shoots can infect fungal diseases. The most common seedling disease is black leg. In order to prevent infection with this disease, after the leaves appear, sprinkle the plant with garden perlite. This material is good at retaining spores of fungal diseases..

If you often water a young sprout of pelargonium, then its root system will not develop. Water the plant when the topsoil dries up and the roots grow deep into the soil.

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