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Features of growing nasturtium seedlings

seedlings of nasturtium Nasturtium is an unpretentious flower, but it loves warm climates. In central Russia and in its northern regions, this plant is grown in seedlings. Capuchin seeds are planted in seedling trays. In order to ensure that shoots are obtained, two or three seeds are planted in one cassette, burying them into the soil by 1.5 cm. If the seeds are sown deeper, they may not sprout. The soil in the cassettes is well watered with a disinfecting solution. You can use the drug “Fitosporin” or potassium permanganate. The potassium permanganate solution should be deep pink and room temperature. Seed cassettes are placed on the south windowsill to provide good lighting..

If the seedlings do not receive enough sunlight, they will begin to stretch towards the sun. Such seedlings should not be planted in open ground, because the seedlings will not take root. Elongated seedlings can be planted in pots.

Choosing the right planter

To get a good nasturtium bush from low-quality seedlings, it must be properly planted in a flower pot. The plant must form a good root system, so it is better to plant it in loose sandy loam soil to make it easier for the roots to develop. The planter should be shallow, but wide, since the root system of the capuchin is superficial and grows in breadth. Nasturtium does not like stagnant water, so use a planter with drainage holes, and to provide additional drainage of water, pour a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. Calcined river sand, garden perlite or crushed red brick can be used as drainage. Sandy loam soil is poured into the pots, then it is well watered with warm water. In warm soil, the root system of nasturtium will take root better.

Planting seedlings in pots

The elongated seedlings are planted in the heated soil in seven-leafed leaves, or in the first pair of true leaves. It is necessary to plant nasturtium at an angle of 45 °, or reclining. In this case, the seedlings will have more roots. After planting in the ground, the seedlings are placed on the southern windowsill. The soil must be mulched, and watering must be reduced so that the root system of the plant does not rot. In clear weather, pots with seedlings should be placed in direct sunlight. Three weeks after planting in a flowerpot, the nasturtium will form a strong bush..

The flower should grow in pots until next spring, only then can nasturtium be planted in open ground.

In order to preserve the flowers for next year, the capuchin bush must be dug out of the soil, transplanted into a pots again and placed on the windowsill..

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