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Photo, planting and caring for common barberry

Young barberry bush Common barberry is an undemanding, drought-resistant, frost-resistant and durable plant. It is these qualities that make barberry one of the indispensable shrubs for use as a hedge. It is easy to shape and looks incredibly decorative in any landscape, at any time of the year. With proper care, this shrub is beautiful from summer to summer..

If you stop your choice on this shrub, you will not regret it for a minute, because ordinary barberry, planting and caring for which takes a minimum of time, will delight you with its bright leaves and useful fruits for a very long time. In addition, it reproduces both by seeds, which ripen in fruits by autumn, and by cuttings. Therefore, it will not be difficult to grow a whole fence, but it will take a lot of time. But the result of all the effort and time spent will pay off with interest. Barberry does not require any special care, since it is very unpretentious. But periodic shearing of old branches will not hurt him, as well as infrequent fertilization..

It is better to avoid soil with high humidity, as barberry does not tolerate flooding. It is better to find a permanent place for the bush, which will have enough sun and no strong drafts. Those varieties that have patterns and spots on the leaves especially need the sun. And if this type of barberry is placed in the shade, then they will lose their decorative effect..

Bright, beautiful and mesmerizing colors of barberry

Common barberry in autumn Photos of common barberry fascinate with their beauty and brightness. But do not just look at photos of beautiful plants, just get your green pet on the site..

Blooming barberryThe optimal time to plant a new shrub depends on the seedling itself. It is worth paying attention – if a plant with an open root system, then it must be planted in the spring, while the buds are still sleeping. Then he will take root by the summer, and will not get sick in the future. If you plant seedlings in the fall, then it is better to do this in September, after cutting off all the leaves. If you purchased a plant in a container, then the planting time does not matter, it is only important not to plant on a very hot day, or after planting, cover the seedling from the scorching rays.

Growing barberry

Planting barberry seedlingsIn order to grow a beautiful healthy shrub, you must adhere to several rules:

  • the right choice of a place on the site, which should be sufficiently illuminated and water should not accumulate on it;
  • decide for what purposes this plant is purchased, since there are dwarf and giant species;
  • ensuring timely care.

Barberry landscape designIf you are planning to equip a hedge, you need a variety of barberry up to 1.5 meters high. Before planting, you need to prepare a 40 cm deep trench and lined with wood ash. There are species up to 2.5-3 meters high. Such specimens are not suitable for a living fence, they look great as free-standing ornamental trees with beautifully formed foliage..

When planting barberry, you need to remember that this shrub is cross-pollinated, so it is advisable to plant at least two seedlings. And yet, as practice shows, the best seedlings are those that are obtained from seeds..

Barberry transplant

Beautiful shrub common barberryYoung bushes that were grown from seeds or cuttings after 2-2.5 years are ready to move to a new, permanent place of residence. And if you have a question – when to transplant barberry, then the answer will be before your eyes. Young, strong, healthy plants, which will soon grow closely with each other, certainly need a transplant. An optimally selected sunny place, without excessive moisture and drafts, will only have a positive effect on the growth and development of the plant. And, as we said above, if you bought a young plant with an open root system, you need to transplant in the spring, and if the plant is in a container, then the time does not matter.

Fruit ripening time and collection features

Ripe barberry berriesIn August – September, the bright fruits of barberry ripen and, if not harvested, can remain on the branches until winter. It is in the summer that the time for collecting barberry comes with its further preparation for storage. As a rule, the berries themselves are not picked very ripe, as overripe are soft and quickly choke. The collected fruits are dried or, covered with sugar, are placed in a cool place. Green berries are not used at all, because they contain alkaloids that are unsafe for health, which decompose after ripening. Also, the bark and roots are collected, which will subsequently be used for medicinal purposes..

Barberry as a medicineGrowing barberry on your site, you will not only enjoy its decorative appearance, but also enjoy the pleasant taste of its berries, which in some situations will help as a medicine.

Common barberry – video

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