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Home care and proper cultivation of the unique Kalanchoe Mini Mix

Perfectly matched pot and Kalanchoe flower The Kalanchoe plant, which came to us from Madagascar, attracts the attention of many of our compatriots, because it has not only healing properties, but also a beautiful appearance. Among the many species of this plant, the Mini Mix variety should be distinguished, which is distinguished by its small size, as well as abundant dense flowering. Today Kalanchoe can be bought in specialized flower shops, and you can choose a plant for yourself with those flowers that are best suited for the owner..

Botanical features of the flower

Abundant flowering Kalanchoe mini mix The Latin name Kalanhoe Mini Mix is ​​written as Kalanhoe Mini Mix, and the plant takes root well at home, regardless of the climatic zone. Quite often, this plant attracts people because its flowers can be red, yellow, white, pink and even orange, allowing you to create indescribable beauty on the windowsill. In order for the plant to grow well, it is necessary to observe not only the temperature regime, but also the required level of moisture. The composition of the soil should include the following components:

  • Leafy ground.
  • Sand.
  • Turf.
  • Humus.

The ratio of these ingredients should be 1: 1: 1: 1, and drainage should be done in the lower part of the pot, the thickness of which should be at least 2 cm.

Correct planting and watering of the plant

Kalanchoe inflorescences come in a variety of colorsMost often, the decorative Mini Mix Kalanchoe propagates by cuttings that have fairly good rooting. Thanks to this, after separation from the main bush of the cuttings and proper care of the Kalanchoe, it can begin to bloom in a year. As for transplanting, for young plants this should be done annually, feeding the soil with useful fertilizers. When the Kalanchoe is already 4 years old, the plant can be transplanted 1 time in 3 years, using a pot of suitable size for this. There are no difficulties with how to transplant the Kalanchoe after the purchase, since it is simply buried at the level of the horse’s neck into the ground, not very deep.

Given the tropical origin of this flower, watering should not be very frequent, since otherwise there is a risk of disease damage, as well as rotting of the plant. Usually watering is done once every 12-14 days, when the soil becomes really very dry, however, in the summer period, watering can be done once every 7-8 days. Leaves are a good indicator here, moreover, when they droop strongly, this is the first sign of excessive watering..

Where to place the flower pot?

The best and rainbow colorsProper care of Kalanchoe Mini Mix at home allows you to effectively manage the abundance of its flowering, since the buds and flowers react very actively to intense sunlight. It is best to keep the flower pot away from the midday sun during the summer period, and closer to daylight or provide artificial lighting in winter. A window sill in a room facing south is best suited here, but do not forget that the Mini Mix Kalanchoe grows best when the daylight hours for it are about 10 hours. For this reason, in the summer, it is sometimes necessary to artificially shade it for several hours. In winter, this is not necessary, since short daylight hours are excellent for the intense flowering of the plant, especially from December to February..

Budding was successfulUsually, the plant stretches 15-18 cm per season, and therefore, in a few months after planting, the owners will be able to see its intensive development. The flowering period is about 4 weeks, during which the Kalanchoe pleases its owners with beautiful small double flowers. The leaves of the plant are fleshy, fixed on thick stems, and the flowers are umbrella-shaped inflorescences of a tubular type, 1 cm in diameter.

Humidity and temperature conditions for growing

Such flowers will decorate any interiorIn summer, the maximum allowable temperature for Kalanchoe of this species is 27-28 ° C, and in winter – from 10 to 15 ° C, and the flower pot should be located at a distance from open sources of fire, as well as intense heat (radiators, batteries). The plant reacts very positively to liquid fertilizers and fertilizing, which are best applied during the period of growth and rapid flowering of Kalanchoe.

Delicate and beautiful KalanchoeIt is interesting to note that this tropical plant is better than others adapted to dry air, and therefore in the winter period, it is not necessary to spray the plants from above with a spray bottle. The only thing, if you wish, you can wipe the leaves with a damp cloth every 15 days, which will keep the Kalanchoe clean. Some owners note that the plant also grows and blooms very well if the pot is placed in another larger pot filled with wet peat..

Kalanchoe care and breeding video

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