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Rules for planting weigels in open ground

weigela at their summer cottage Weigela shrub, planting and care in the open field, which is easy even for a novice gardener, belongs to ornamental plants. It is a perennial shrub with unusual leaves and bright large inflorescences of different shades. The weigela variety has a huge number of varieties, among which it is worth choosing the most suitable for growing conditions. In order for the bushes to grow large and spreading, it is necessary to take responsibility for caring for the plant, starting with the choice of a planting site and ending with the formation of the crown.

Characteristics and features of the plant

weigela plot decoration Weigela is a wide variety of species, but they all have several characteristics in common. In favorable conditions, the bush can reach 3 m in height, forming a rare spreading crown. The leaves are feathery, can have different colors from light to dark green. Flowers are white, beige, red or yellow, depending on the variety.

weigela in a potBefore planting a weigela in open ground and caring for it, you need to know about some of its features:

  • it is a heat-loving plant, in natural conditions it grows in the eastern regions;
  • the bush does not feel well in a strong wind, shoots and flowers may wither;
  • weigela actively grows when exposed to sunlight;
  • it is a remontant variety – it blooms twice a season;
  • the plant is capable of propagating by seeds, but to preserve all the qualities of the parent bush, it is better to use cuttings.

With proper planting of weigela in open ground and caring for it, the shrub can bloom twice a year. The second flowering is less intense, but it occurs in the autumn period, when the steel plants are already starting to wilt by winter..

What types are suitable for growing outdoors?

blooming weigela in the gardenThere are 15 main varieties of weigela, and about 10 more decorative hybrids were bred through selection. They differ not only in appearance, but also in the degree of resistance to environmental factors. For example, planting and caring for a weigela in the Moscow region is a difficult task due to the sharp temperature drop in winter, but the plant grows well in warmer regions..

For growing in open ground, you can consider one of the most popular and strong varieties of this shrub:

  • hybrid weigela is several species from 1 to 3 m in height with red, crimson or white flowers (species of Gustav Mole, Eva Ratke, Debusi, Candida and others);weigela hybrid
  • flowering weigela is a natural variety that in natural conditions can grow up to 3 m, but low hybrids were artificially bred to create flower beds and hedges;weigela blooming
  • Middendorf – differs in small size (up to 150 cm in height), abundant flowering and bright yellow coloring of petals, needs a lot of moisture.Weigela Middendorf

Despite the fact that this variety is thermophilic, there is a photo of planting weigela in Siberia and caring for it. The main thing is to choose a suitable variety and reliably cover it from frost. Of course, not all plants will be able to survive in cold climates, but it is possible to grow a full-fledged bush..

Reproduction and planting in open ground

weigela seedlingsThere are several ways to breed weigela. Under natural conditions, it forms capsules with seeds, but they have a low percentage of germination and do not take root in any climate. For planting in open ground, it is better to use purchased seedlings that have reached 3–3.5 years of age. They already have their own root system and are able to survive the temperature changes in winter..

The choice of a place for planting is a prerequisite for the rapid growth of a shrub. The plant feels best in lighted areas, preferably on the south side of the house. The building will additionally protect the weigela from cold northerly winds.

Planting seedlings is carried out in early spring, so that the plant has time to take root well by the winter period:

  • dig a hole about 40 cm deep, pour drainage to the bottom;
  • the plant must be fertilized immediately with humus, humus, add sand, lime or dolomite flour;
  • the seedling is placed in such a way that the root collar is flush with the ground;
  • cover a layer of soil to protect the rhizome from chemical burns with fertilizers;
  • water the plant abundantly.

With proper planting and care, weigela looks bright and impressive in the photo. In order for the crown to be lush and spreading, it is necessary to maintain a distance of about 1-2 m between neighboring bushes..

Plant care rules

eigela along the houseShrub care includes timely watering, fertilization, as well as crown pruning and preparation and wintering. Whether it is necessary to cover the weigela for the winter depends on the region and climatic conditions. If the temperature drops below zero degrees, the plant must be covered using a special technology. Some bushes may not withstand severe frosts even under cover, especially seedlings in the first winter..

In the warm season, caring for a weigela is not difficult:

  • it is necessary to water the plant during the drought period, at least 10-15 liters of water is applied under each bush;
  • periodically fertilize the soil with mineral and organic fertilizers (nitrogen, potash and phosphate fertilizers in different periods of the growing season);
  • shoots are also treated against parasites, infections and pathogens of fungal diseases.

Shrubs prefer to grow in conditions of a large amount of oxygen, so the soil must be loosened. The procedure is carried out while watering the plant or applying fertilizers. It is important to ensure that the rhizome is not damaged..

Wintering plants

wintering weigelaIt is especially important to care for the weigela in the fall and prepare for the winter. Even the most resistant varieties must be sheltered from frost, otherwise they will not be able to restore vital processes after a sharp temperature drop. If they spend this period under cover, the plants will not be affected by frost..

There are two main ways to cover the weigela for the winter:

  • in late autumn, pour sawdust or soil under the bush, tilt the branches and wrap them with a special material (Spunbond), tying the branches with a rope;
  • build a shelter from a metal or wood frame and insulating material on the walls and roof.

The first option is used to shelter varieties with an average degree of winter hardiness, as well as in temperate climates, where there are no severe frosts. Cold air will still penetrate, but non-woven materials retain heat well and protect the plant. Building a greenhouse from improvised means is a more reliable method; it is recommended when caring for varieties of weigela that are more sensitive to the cold..

Shelter of weigela for the winter in the Moscow region and other regions with a cold climate is a prerequisite. However, even if some of the shoots are frozen, the plant has a high regenerative capacity. When the temperature rises in spring and the vegetation processes are activated, it is worthwhile to establish abundant watering of the bush and apply fertilizers to the soil so that it regains its strength after winter.

Crown pruning

pruning weigelaWhen growing weigela, it is recommended to prune the crown annually. This allows you to rid the shrub of damaged shoots, create a beautiful shape and give new branches the opportunity to grow and develop. Depending on the purpose of pruning, there are two types of it:

  • sanitary – carried out in the spring to get rid of those branches that have deteriorated under the influence of cold;
  • formative – pruning weigela in the fall in order to give the crown the correct shape.

Both types of trimming are recommended. In spring, damaged and old shoots are removed so that new branches can accelerate in growth. However, autumn pruning is more important for the plant – after it, the bush has time to recover well and tolerates cold better. There are several rules on how to prune a weigela in the fall:

  • the procedure is carried out immediately after the end of the autumn flowering of the shrub;
  • cut off all damaged shoots 5 mm above the extremely healthy bud;
  • for rejuvenation, it is recommended to cut off at least a third of secondary shoots;
  • remove branches that grow inside the shrub.

Weigela is a bright ornamental shrub. It looks spectacular when decorating a garden, house plots, parks and recreation areas. However, not all varieties are equally resistant to frost and winter well. In conditions of significant temperature drops, even artificially bred frost-resistant varieties need protection from the cold. Preparing a weigela for winter is her shelter under a canopy or with the help of improvised materials. The rest of the year, the plant is unpretentious in care and pleases with flowering twice a season.

Recommendations for pruning weigela – video

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