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Why forsythia does not bloom in your garden

forsythia bloom in early spring In early spring, when the majestic trees are still awake, the exquisite shrubs delight the eye with many yellow buds. But this does not always happen, so gardeners think: why forsythia does not bloom at the appointed time of the year. The reasons are different, and some of them depend on the care of the plant. Let’s try to understand each of them in detail, draw conclusions and act.

Climatic conditions and landing time

forsythia in early spring If March 1 is on the calendar, it does not mean that it is spring outside. Somewhere else there is snow in the fields, and someone is already enjoying the first flowers. Depending on the climatic conditions of the area where the shrub grows, it is important for gardeners to know: when forsythia blooms right here. In the southern strip, the first buds appear in the last decade of February. And in cooler areas (Moscow region and the middle zone of Russia) – in early April. The northerners enjoy the flowering of the bush during the May holidays.

why does not forsythia bloomTo understand why forsythia does not bloom, it is important to take into account the planting time in open ground. Some species bloom in the third or fourth year. There are also varieties that have to wait about 6 years. In any case, all fans of this plant will be able to enjoy the lush veil of fiery yellow buds. The main thing is to wait a little.planting forsythia on the site

Grown from seed, blooms after 6 full years. If you plant a small stalk, it will bloom in the third year..

The main reason why forsythia does not bloom is the human factor.

manure for fertilizing forsythiaSome gardeners think: if the shrub is unpretentious, then you can relax. In fact, forsythia, like all plants, needs regular feeding. At the end of winter, when the plant is just waking up, a mullein is laid around it. So it will receive the necessary components, gain strength and delight the owners with bright flowering..

fertilizer for ornamental plantsA month later, the plant should be fed with mineral fertilizers: nitrogen and phosphate-potassium. If the shrub grows on acidic soil, you can treat it with slaked lime. This approach to business stimulates the plant and the question of why forsythia blooms poorly will not be relevant..

So that the manure does not dry out, it is covered with a thin layer of soil or last year’s foliage..

An important factor is pruning

pruning forsythiaNovice gardeners, realizing the importance of pruning for a shrub, try to do it regularly and carefully. Unfortunately, an illiterate approach to business can harm the plant. And then they complain: forsythia does not bloom, what to do. Wise advice from experienced gardeners comes to the rescue:

  • the buds of the buds are laid several years before the beginning of flowering;
  • neat pruning;
  • correct planning of the procedure.

If you carry out a long pruning without taking into account the formed buds, this may be one of the reasons why forsythia does not bloom.. flowering budsTo avoid such a nuisance, you should prune the plant immediately after flowering. First of all, old and dried branches are removed, as well as those that thicken the shrub.correct pruning

Long pruning should be done carefully. First, remove dry branches, and the next year old ones. So the plant will not lose its ability to give yellow bouquets to its fans in early spring..

Preparing a plant for wintering

preparing forsythia for winterIf forsythia does not bloom, and the reasons seem to have been eliminated, you should think about the conditions under which this plant winters on my site. Indeed, often in the autumn bustle, summer residents forget to hide this amazing shrub. Why do you need to do this? There are several reasons:

  • flower buds can suffer from severe frost;
  • they are often pecked by birds that hibernate in country gardens;
  • lack of snow and icing of young shoots.

frost-resistant forsythiaIt may seem that frost-resistant forsythia varieties do not need additional shelter. Indeed, the branches will not suffer, but the flower buds may not survive severe frosts. Therefore, it is wise to try to set aside time and prepare the plant for wintering. To do this, insulate the near-trunk area of ​​the bush and cover the forsythia crown with a special blanket. During heavy snowfalls, it is wise to use natural “insulation” for business. Sprinkle snow on the edges of the shrub to keep all flower buds from cold.

lush bloom of forsythiaIf you know how long forsythia blooms (about 25-30 days), you want to make a shelter competently and see the result. Experienced gardeners first carefully pull together the bushes with twine, and then cover them with a cloth. At the same time, it is important to focus on the climatic conditions of the territory, as well as the forsythia variety. And then, in early spring, the bush, in gratitude for the care, will delight you with abundant flowering.

For insulation, do not use plastic wrap that does not allow air to pass through. Even in the winter sunshine, the plant can feel warm and wake up. And this will lead to his death.

Forsythia blooms in spring- video

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