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Popular types and varieties of deren for summer cottages

types and varieties of deren At the summer cottage, you can grow different types and varieties of deren. This plant looks neat and beautiful, while the shrubs are not demanding to care for and easily tolerate both drought and frost. Due to the variety of species, you can create a unique landscape design. The genus Derain unites about 45 species growing in temperate climates.

Characteristics of the offspring deren

spray turf Derain offspring is called so due to the ability to give a large number of shoots, or root suckers. This feature gives the deren bushes a crumbling shape. The height of the bush is up to 3.5 m.This plant has long branches, large oval-shaped leaves, shiny flexible shoots.

From the fourth to fifth year, the offspring sow blooms. This happens in May. Flowering is accompanied by the appearance of milky white inflorescences. In autumn, they turn into juicy blue-white fruits. The diameter of the crown of the offspring deren is equal to the height of the bush.

The decorative season of this type of shrub is not limited to any one season of the year: it lasts all year round..

The decorative forms of the offspring deren are:

  • Flaviramea (shoots are green or yellow);
  • Winter Flame (shoots have a pronounced yellow color);Derain offspring Winter Flame
  • White Gold (feature – white border on the leaves and yellow-white flowers).

Features of blooming deren

blooming turfBlooming derain is a symbol of two US states – North Carolina and Virginia. This species is appreciated for its beautiful large flowers that appear on the branches early enough: in the south – in mid-April, in the north – in early May.

Blooming Derain (also called Cornus Florida) grows in the form of a tree. Height – from 50 cm to 1.2 m, but individual bushes can reach 10 m in length. The leaves of this species are green, with a fringe on the lower part. In autumn they turn red-brown..

Fruits appear in late summer or September. They are small in size, painted red-orange..

The most famous varieties of this type of deren are Cherokee Chef, Rubra, Cherokee Princess.

Types and varieties of white deren

derain whiteAnother description is the white dogwood variety. It is also called white dogwood. In Western countries, the shrub is called a dog tree. This is due to the fact that its fruits resemble wolf berries. White turf is adapted to the harsh Russian winters. The shrub reaches up to three meters in height.


Sibirica DerainThis type of bush has spreading branches, the bark of which is painted in a coral color. The leaves are dark green, the flowers are white. The latter appear from the beginning of summer and remain until autumn. The fruits appear in the same period and are first white, and as they ripen, they become slightly bluish.


Derain ElegantissimaThis variety of white turf has spreading branches. Flowering begins in May and ends at the end of June. The leaves are green with a wide white border. In early autumn, blue berries ripen. This variety is frost and drought resistant, shade tolerant. Due to its external characteristics, this plant is also known as silvery-bordered turf..

Alba Gouchaultii

Derain Alba GouchaultiiDerain white Gouchaultii is a deciduous shrub with a wide crown, the diameter of which reaches 3 m, as well as the height of the trunk. The leaves of the shrub are green, with a wide yellow border. Blooms in May. Derain Alba Gauchaulty has small white flowers that are collected in large inflorescences. The variety is shade-tolerant, but grows much better in areas exposed to sunlight.

Ivory Halo

Derain Ivory HaloThis variety differs from other representatives of white deren in height, which does not exceed 1.5 m. The shoots have a cherry tint, the leaves are green, with a wide yellow border. During the flowering period, yellow flowers appear. The fruits ripen in September. Are white and turn blue as they mature.

Deren Coase

Deren CoaseThis variety is considered one of the most beautiful among the representatives of the Derain genus. A distinctive feature of this shrub is a wide crown of an unusual shape: its main branches are raised funnel-shaped, and young shoots are arranged horizontally, in tiers, one above the other..

The place of distribution of this variety of deren is China and Japan, where trees can be found in dry forests and on mountain slopes. That is why the Coase derain is called Japanese or Chinese..

Coase bloomsCoase begins to bloom at the end of May. The inflorescences of this shrub are yellow-green, collected in heads, each of which is 6 cm in diameter.Around each head there are large bracts – modified leaves.

The leaves of the Chinese deren Coase are long – up to 10 cm, wavy, have an ovoid shape. Unlike the Japanese variety, the fruits and leaves of this species are larger.

In September and October, fruits of a rich dark pink color, the size of a paradise apple, appear on the bushes..

Characteristics of red turf

red turfThis variety of dogwood has a bright color that makes it stand out from the rest of the shrubs. Another name is blood-red svidina. Red turf is widespread in Europe.

The shrub reaches a height of four meters. The leaves are ovoid. In summer they are green, in autumn they are intensely red or wine-colored. The shoots are also green at first, but gradually acquire a brownish-red color. The flowers are white, the fruits of this variety of deren are black and blue, up to 8 mm in diameter, as can be seen in the photo.

The denser the shade under which the red dogwood grows, the less intense its memorable color..

Deren Aurea

Derain AureaYou can find out what the Aurea deren looks like with the help of this photo. Derain Aurea (also known as White Derain) is native to the Far East. The height of the shrub is 2 m, the crown diameter is about 2.5 m.

The leaves of the Aurea species are large and wide. At the beginning of summer, they have a burgundy-brown color, then the dogwood becomes lemon yellow, and closer to autumn the foliage turns red.

The bush is lush, has many branches. The flowers are small, creamy white, with a pleasant nectar aroma. Flowering begins in June, and if the summer was warm and humid, it may repeat in September..

Description of the common tree species

Derain AureaCommon dogwood (also male dogwood) is a shrub that reaches a height of 3 to 8 m. In early spring, the tree is covered with a large number of umbrellas, in which there are many yellow small flowers. Flowering lasts about 14 days.

In favorable conditions, this type of dogwood grows up to 250 years..

Ripe fruits of common turf are coral red in color. There are such subspecies of this variety as golden-speckled turf, silvery-variegated turf, cream-spotted.

Derain in landscape design and the practical benefits of a shrub

lawn along the fenceA variety of species and varieties of deren, as well as the year-round decorativeness of this shrub, allows you to create unique landscape designs.

Beautiful and well-groomed trimmed hedges are formed from deren. Chrysanthemums and other perennial plants stand out well against their background..

grass near the houseIn addition to aesthetic properties, dogwood can also be beneficial. The useful properties of dogwood include the following:

  1. If the garden is visible from all directions or is exposed to winds from all directions, then planting a dense hedge of turf would be the right solution. She will protect more capricious plants from the wind and hide the garden from outsiders..deren hedge
  2. To protect and strengthen the soil, as well as protect the soil in the area of ​​the slope from landslides, it is also worth planting sod. He has strong roots and dense growth.
  3. Derain is an excellent solution for those who want to make the garden unusual and bright and at the same time do not have a lot of time to take care of plants and trees. Dogwood is undemanding: it does not require special lighting or soil type, it lends itself well to cutting and crown formation.turf in the landscape
  4. The plant does not interfere with the development of other garden plants and trees. In addition, the tree looks neat and beautiful at any time of the year..lawn along the garden path

Many species and varieties of deren are known, which makes it possible to successfully use this shrub in landscape design. Derain is not a houseplant. Depending on the variety, the leaves and flowers, the fruits of the dogwood have different shades. Deer shrubs are unpretentious to growing conditions and do not require special care.

Video acquaintance with the species and varieties of deren

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