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How to plant a linden tree in a summer cottage?

how to plant a linden To transform the site, you need to carefully plan where these or those trees will be located. Therefore, before planting a linden, you should take into account its dimensions. This is very important, since the tree is capable of covering neighboring plants with its spreading branches. Thus slowing down their growth.

Linden: description of the tree and its types

linden tree in the park Linden is a very popular plant. The tree is incredibly popular all over the world. There are more than 30 different species in nature. They differ among themselves in size, crown shape.

There are linden trees that are over 300 years old.

Main types:

  1. Caucasian. The tree reaches 40 m in height. The crown is round enough, neat. Young shoots differ from adults in the color of the bark. They have a reddish tint. This species grows in Asia and the Caucasus.
  2. Manchu. This type of linden most often grows multi-stemmed. In height, an adult specimen does not exceed 20 m. This is a frost-resistant tree that perfectly tolerates sharp drops in temperature. Linden grows in the Amur region and the Far East.
  3. Silver or felted. The type of deciduous plates differs. In silvery linden, they are covered with a fine fluff. A tree grows up to 30 m tall. Most often found on the lands of Russia.
  4. Small-leaved. This is the most popular species that can be found in all regions of our country. Small-leaved linden is also frost-resistant. Grows up to 30-40 m.It all depends on the place of planting.
  5. Large-leaved (broadleaf). The tree has a spherical crown. The leaves are small. Their width does not exceed 25 cm. It grows very quickly. Mature trees reach 40 m in height. Broad-leaved species grows on slightly acidic and alkaline soils.

Large-leaved linden can grow 45 cm in height in one year.

Choosing a landing site

linden planting siteLinden belongs to unpretentious trees. But despite this, it should be borne in mind that she loves a lot of light. It is recommended to choose a site for planting with drained soil. In this case, the soil may not be fertile. The tree develops well on sandy soils and soils fertilized with humus.

When planting a linden, it should be borne in mind that its durability is curled from the quality of the procedure performed..

Saplings take root best in a new place if they were planted on a cool and fairly humid day..

Therefore, the optimal time for planting linden is autumn..

How to plant a linden tree in the fall

planting linden in autumnFor planting, you can use purchased trees or dig them up near an adult tree. Most of the shoots can be seen in the forest belt or in the forest. They easily tolerate movement over long distances, so the likelihood that the seedlings do not take root is minimized..

Stages of planting a tree:

  1. The first thing to do is to dig a hole. The width and depth of the dimple must be within 50 cm.
  2. Before planting a linden tree on the site, it is necessary to lay drainage at the bottom of the recess. It can be pebbles, crushed red brick. It is also good to use small pieces of slate. The drainage layer should not exceed 15 cm.
  3. Sprinkle the drainage on top with humus and superphosphate. For each seedling, it will be enough to use from 50 to 60 g of the drug.
  4. Then pour the prepared substrate on top. They make it from 1 part of sod land and 2 parts of sand with humus. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the acidity of the soil does not exceed 7.5 pH..
  5. The distance between seedlings should be from 3 to 4 m.To create a linden hedge, the distance is halved.

When placing a seedling, you must be extremely careful. The root collar of the tree should be above the soil surface. If it is sprinkled with soil, then this is not critical for linden, but in rare cases it can lead to a slowdown in growth..

So that the water does not linger near the trunk, it is necessary to form a near-trunk hole.

Linden tree care on the site

watering lindenThe tree will be beautiful and healthy if you adhere to the minimum maintenance rules. It is enough to water, fertilize, remove weeds, and cut branches in a timely manner.

Irrigation rules

Only planted trees need abundant watering. Use water at room temperature. It is better not to irrigate seedlings with cold liquid, as this can slow down their growth..

Top dressing

The first fertilizer is applied in early spring. To do this, make a solution from mullein (1 kg), urea (15 g), saltpeter (25 g). Mix all components thoroughly and pour 10 liters of clean water. In the autumn, it is recommended to bring nitroammofosk. For one tree, about 20 g of the drug will be enough.


mulchingThis is an important procedure when growing linden. The trunk circle is covered with mulch after each weeding. For this, you can use peat, dry tree leaves, wood chips or peat compost. The thickness of the mulch should be within 12 cm.


Linden is pruned in spring and autumn. The first procedure can be carried out the next day after planting. In the spring, remove all damaged and dry twigs. Sanitary pruning will help maintain the attractive appearance of the tree and protect it from diseases..

In order to form a beautiful green ball without a trunk out of linden, radical pruning is carried out. In this case, all the branches are cut down, and sometimes even the trunk, leaving a stump.

It is also recommended to thin out the crown periodically. If this is not done, then the branches will begin to dry out. Improper application of fertilizer leads to excessive density. Also, the number of shoots increases on linden if it grows in open areas..


pest infestationLinden, like all other trees, is affected by various insects. Most often, perforated spotting is observed on the leaves. You can get rid of it by spraying the trunk and twigs with a Bordeaux mixture. To combat white rot, products are used that contain more copper..

In addition, aphids, scoops, ticks, bark beetles, and leafworms can appear on the tree. Fight these insects with insecticides. Birds and rodents, which like to feed on bark, also affect trees..

Linden propagation

linden seedsTo plant a tree, you do not have to buy expensive planting material in the store. You can grow a seedling at home.

Breeding methods:

  • stem layering;
  • root layers;
  • seeds;
  • cuttings.

It will take a lot of time and effort to propagate linden by seeds. In order for the grains to germinate and quickly increase in growth, they must be stratified. Linden is sown to a depth of 2 to 3 cm. At the same time, the soil should be nutritious and allow air to pass through well. When the seedlings reach 15 cm, they can be planted in open ground.

linden propagation by cuttingsBefore planting a linden tree with a shank, you need to prepare the planting material. Only cut branches from mature trees. Their length should be from 8 to 15 cm.The upper cut is made at a right angle, and the lower one – oblique.

As you can see, planting and caring for a linden tree does not require any special skills. The tree will develop well if you choose the right site and water it in a timely manner. Also, don’t forget about pruning. This is a procedure with which you can make a linden tree a real garden decoration..

Features of the reproduction of linden – video

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