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Red bird cherry is a rare guest of our gardens

red bird cherry Red bird cherry is known to many gardeners under the name Virginian. It is unpretentious, produces many fruits and has an attractive decorative appearance. The berries of this type of bird cherry are used in medicine and cooking..

What kind of tree is a red bird cherry

tree and fruits of red bird cherry This plant is native to North America, practically never found in the wild in Europe. You can see it in the middle lane only in gardens and as an element of landscape design. Most often, the red bird cherry, as in the photo, and with the description given below, looks like a bush that looks like a tree.

flowering red bird cherryThe height of the Virginia bird cherry is up to 7 m. The leaves are green, elongated. Flowers are white, collected in rather long (up to 0.15 m) clusters. They have a very faint smell..

ripe berries of red bird cherryThe fruits are deep red. With the arrival of autumn, the leaves take on a reddish tint..

The most popular varieties of red bird cherry:

  • Self-fertile;
  • Dawn;
  • Taiga;
  • Narym.

The varieties differ from each other:

  • shrub height;
  • properties, color and taste of berries.

Taiga and Narym are relatively undersized – up to 4 m. Abundant flowering and bright sweet and sour fruits that can be used for food make these plants not only attractive in terms of site design, but also useful and of practical value.

The low distribution of red bird cherry is associated with weak frost resistance in cold climates..

How to get around planting and grooming difficulties

Despite the unpretentiousness of the bush, it is possible to grow a worthy specimen only by observing a number of rules..

Planting in open ground

saplings of red bird cherryBird cherry saplings are planted in open ground. To do this, they prepare a place – they dig a hole of such a size so that the roots are spacious in it. Mineral fertilizers are poured at the bottom.

Pruning: why you need it

red bird cherry on the siteAfter planting, the seedling is pruned by 0.5 m. This will give the plant splendor, and will not allow it to stretch up. In the future, it will be necessary to cut the main shoot annually so that the shrub has a good shape..


first flowering and fruitingAfter planting, the bush is watered. The seedlings that have taken root in a new place no longer require frequent watering. It is quite good to fill the soil with water only 2-3 times during the period of active growth. It is necessary that the soil is saturated with moisture at least 0.3 m.

Features of planting cross-pollinated plants

the result of proper fit and carePlanting and caring for red bird cherry should take into account that it is a cross-pollinated plant. Therefore, it is undesirable to plant only one seedling per site. It is recommended to plant several seedlings at a distance of about 2 m from each other..

You can even plant various varieties of Virginia bird cherry nearby.

Do we need to fight the weeds

For good growth and abundant fruiting, the land around the bird cherry must be cleared of weeds. Loosening is also important to improve oxygen access to the root system..

Top dressing: what are the features

top dressing affects the yield of red bird cherryIn the spring, bird cherry must be fed with mineral fertilizers. After their introduction, it is imperative to carry out loosening. This will increase the effectiveness of the care. Loosening should be carried out quite seriously – to a depth of about 0.5 m.

The benefits and harms of the virgin bird cherry

useful properties of red bird cherryBird cherry red has both beneficial properties and contraindications for use. The healing properties of the shrub were known and in demand by the indigenous North American peoples..

By studying the chemical composition of the plant, scientists were convinced that the red fruits have a rich composition, containing:

  • vitamins;
  • essential oils;
  • potassium;
  • polysaccharides;
  • acids;
  • tannins.

A higher percentage of polysaccharides and less tannins, in comparison with black bird cherry, makes the fruits of Virginia varieties more tasty: sweet and not tart.

The leaves and fruits of the plant are used for disinfection, are used as decoctions, for the treatment of premises.

In addition, bird cherry has the following beneficial properties:

  • improve the functioning of the heart;
  • normalize the work of blood vessels;
  • have a beneficial effect on the urinary system.

The harm from the use of berries, leaves and bark of red bird cherry can be when using a large volume. Prussic acid, which is a part of all parts of the bush, including berries, can lead to poisoning..

When a large amount of any part of the plant is eaten, the amount of hydrocyanic acid consumed also increases. Excessive consumption of fresh shoots and leaves is also dangerous for livestock..

fruiting red bird cherryRed bird cherry is an original plant that does not require laborious maintenance. Beautiful during flowering and fruiting, this shrub can be the highlight of your garden plot..

How to grow red bird cherry on the site – video


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