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Forest decoration – majestic beech tree

majestic beech It is not at all difficult to imagine a forest where the light of the sun barely seeps through the trunks extending to the sky. The quiet rustle of leaves merges with the singing of birds, for which the beech tree has become a cozy home. When autumn falls on the ground, the forest lights up with various bright colors. And in the spring they give freshness and tranquility..

road among the beech forest Many will agree that a forest is a true embodiment of unsurpassed beauty, especially if it is home to a beech tree. The most ancient specimens of the plant are up to 40 m in height. The trunk diameter is about 2 meters. Truly a dignified giant! In addition, his life expectancy often reaches the mark – 300 years. I wish people would live so much!

Interestingly, beech wood begins to be harvested when it is over 100 years old. In this case, the diameter of the trunk can be as little as half a meter..

Biological characteristics of plants and species

beech forestThe beech tree is a member of the Beech family, which has about 1000 different plant species. It has a slender trunk, columnar in nature, decorated with a spherical crown. On hot summer days, sunlight practically does not break through it, so you can hide in the shade from the heat.

beech branchOn the thin branches of the tree, jagged leaves of an oblong shape, reminiscent of an elongated ellipse, grow. In the cold season, they fall off. During flowering on a beech tree, the description and photo of which is provided below, cute earrings appear.beech blossoms They are pollinated by strong winds. In dense forests, where there is little light, the moment of fruit appearance comes after 60 years.

beech fruitThey are nuts, up to 15 cm in size. For a long time, people considered them edible, so they took them for food. Beech grows well in shady areas. Prefers loamy soils. Doesn’t like low temperatures.

The tree tolerates pruning wonderfully, so it can be used as a hedge in the backyard.

beech in the wildIn their natural environment, there are various types of beech trees. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

Beech Gorodchaty

beech crenateThe type of such beech is distinguished by a dense crown, which is most often round in shape. Large leaves reach a length of 10 cm. It mainly grows in the Japanese islands and is the dominant tree in forest plantations. Beech grows up to 35 m in height.

Large-leaved beech

beech large-leavedRepresentatives of this species grow up to 25 m. The maximum trunk diameter is approximately 100 cm. The elliptical leaves have a pointed tip. In length, there are specimens over 12 cm. The color of the leaf plate in the summer is green with a blue tint. In autumn, it changes, and they acquire a bright crimson color. The homeland of the species is considered to be the eastern part of North America. The tree came to Europe in the 18th century as an ornamental plant for city parks. It can often be found in forests next to maple, linden or birch..

European beech

European beechThis is the name of the most common type of beech trees found in Europe. They form forests, are found in urban parks, and are grown in botanical gardens. A distinctive feature of the majestic plant is a cylindrical crown with a round top. This is achieved through thin branches, densely planted on a thick trunk. The unique properties of the beech tree make it possible to use its wood for making furniture, and its fruits for cooking. The plant looks wonderful at any time of the year:

  • in spring it attracts with its silk foliage;
  • in the summer – with a bluish crown;
  • when autumn comes, they light up in bright burgundy hues;
  • in winter – the tree resembles a stately forest guard.

It is for this that beech is valued by lovers of green spaces..

Eastern beech

oriental beechThis species is widespread along the Black Sea coast and on the slopes of the Caucasian mountains. A suitable territory where a beech tree grows in Russia is the Crimean peninsula and its westernmost part (Kaliningrad region). In these places, there is a mild climate where there are no severe frosts..

Japanese beech

beech japaneseThe species is found on the Japanese islands and in Korea. It is often referred to as “Japanese Blue Beech”. It grows up to a height of 15 m and can have several trunks. A peculiarity of the species is pubescent leaves, the length of which is 6 cm. In shape, they resemble an ellipse. The apex is pointed. The lower part of the plate is gray.

Engler’s beech

engler beechThis beech can grow up to 20 meters in height. It is distinguished by a wide oval crown, which is obtained thanks to the many branches. A peculiarity of the view is the elongated shape of the sheet plate. The tree is found mainly in China, and only occasionally in the parks of European countries..

Shining beech

shining beechThis type of beech is distinguished by a specific sheen of the bark. The tree grows to a height of 25 meters. Has a rounded crown of lush branches. Every year, an adult tree bears fruit in the form of small nuts, which birds and small animals love to feast on..

Foliage and beech bark contain many useful elements. It is better to dry medicinal raw materials away from direct sunlight. The ideal place is an attic with good ventilation.

Beech and its valuable timber

beech woodAt all times, people have used earthly gifts to equip their life. Trees have always played an important role in this business and beech is no exception. Many useful things were made from it. Among other things, I would like to mention:

  • various musical instruments;musical instrument
  • parquet;beech parquet
  • sheet plywood;
  • measuring instruments;
  • furniture;beech furniture
  • paper.

As you can see, the tree brings a lot of benefits to humans, since its wood has the following properties:

  • moisture resistance;
  • increased density;
  • a tendency to form rounded shapes;
  • easy to polish.

It is known that experienced brewers in England add beech chips when they brew their favorite drink. This gives it an unusual taste and aroma. In addition, racks, barrels, garden gazebos are made of beech. And from the cuts you can lay out a path in a country garden.

Beech tree for the benefit of people

beech treeIf you carefully consider the photo of a beech tree, you can note its external beauty. It fits wonderfully into any countryside landscape in single or group plantings. Due to the fact that the beech lends itself to trimming, various shapes are cut out of it. Often beech plantings are found in sanatoriums where people undergo a wellness treatment..

Wood is also used in the culinary arts. Vinegar is made from its wood. The fruits are used for various desserts, pies and cakes. In places where many beech trees grow, people have learned to make flour from its fruits. Pancakes, cookies and pancakes are baked from it. In addition, a fragrant oil is obtained from nuts, which is widely used in cosmetology..

To get an excellent face and neck mask, beech oil is added to it..

Scientists believe that beech is an important link in the formation of oxygen on earth. Its numerous leaves participate diligently in this process. And the unique root system protects the soil from corrosion. Some experts believe that thanks to the beech plantings, moisture easily gets deep underground. In such an area, there are no soil erosion or standing water..

place to walkIn order to somehow maintain their health, people tried to use plants. Beech is no exception. From its foliage and bark elements, medicinal drinks are prepared, baths, compresses and even lotions are made. Fragrant beech oil is widely used for cosmetic purposes, to keep the skin fresh. Overall, wood is truly a valuable gift from nature. So let us take care of these majestic trees.

Beech forest – video

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