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Three-lobed almonds (luizeania): planting features and care

almond three-lobed luizeaniya Compact tree-like plants become a real decoration for summer cottages. Three-lobed almond (luiseania) attracts with its moderate height, neat crown and unusually beautiful flowering. In domestic horticulture, it has not become too widespread. It is planted in their garden by connoisseurs of genuine beauty. Three-bladed almonds (photo) will bring a fairytale atmosphere to any personal plot.

Correct planting of three-lobed almonds

planting three-lobed almond In order for the plant to take root well on the site and develop well, it must be properly planted. And for this, all the features and needs of culture should be taken into account..

Seat selection

almond three-lobed luizeania planting siteIn order for a three-lobed almond seedling (luiseania) to take root and develop harmoniously, it needs open places with a lot of sun. The plant will feel good in partial shade, but only if it is sunny most of the day..

It is important to immediately take care of the reliable shelter of the almonds from winds and drafts, otherwise the tree will die.

Cold autumn and winter air currents are especially dangerous. Also destructively close bedding of groundwater. It is best to select an elevated area to protect the roots from spring floods.

Soil preparation

almond three-lobed luizeaniya planting stageThree-lobed almonds are unpretentious to the composition of the soil. However, to ensure a beautiful bloom, the soil must be nutritious and fertile..

Poor clay soils are too heavy and scarce. Under such conditions, three-lobed terry almonds will not grow. But slightly alkaline or neutral loams are ideal.

Before planting, the land must be carefully dug up and cleaned of the remnants of weeds. If even a few seeds or root particles remain, the weeds will prevent the almonds from growing and take away nutrients from them. At the end, the soil must be thoroughly loosened so that it better allows moisture and oxygen to pass through..

Planting stages:

  1. It is necessary to dig a planting hole with a depth of 30 to 40 cm, its width should be slightly larger than the volume of the earthen coma on the roots. If you need to plant several seedlings, then between the holes you need to maintain a minimum distance of 3 m.
  2. The bottom should be covered with a layer of drainage, which will prevent moisture from accumulating at the roots. The best options are gravel, small pebbles, and broken bricks. From above it is necessary to fill in fine sand. As a support, gently dig a stick or peg into each hole in order to keep the seedling in an even position at first.
  3. Carefully remove the plant from the container and place it in the hole, without touching the earthen ball on the roots. Top up with prepared soil. To get the perfectly correct mixture, you should take the top layer of soil, leafy soil and mix it thoroughly with sand and humus..
  4. Water the seedling, then mulch the soil with humus or peat.

Rosenmund three-lobed almonds do not need to be planted deeply. Its root collar should remain flush with the ground.

Follow-up care

almond pruningIt’s easy to grow such a tree on your site..

But in order for the three-lobed almond (luizeania) to please with its beauty, you need to know some of the nuances of care:

  1. Watering. Trees with their own root systems prefer moderate moisture. They are able to tolerate even a short drought without loss. Almonds that have been grafted onto the stock, on the other hand, need constantly moist soil. Water should be poured only at the root. If drops of moisture get on the leaves, putrefactive processes can begin and the tree can get sick.
  2. Top dressing. A large amount of fertilizer does more harm than good to the plant. The first feeding should be applied after flowering (humus is used for this). After about 7 days, a urea addition will be required. The next time the almonds need to be fertilized in the fall. Superphosphate must be added under each plant and the soil must be carefully dug.
  3. Pruning. This procedure must be resorted to annually. In the spring, it should be carried out for healing and cleansing purposes in order to rid the crown of broken and non-viable shoots. Additionally, you need to cut off old branches (5-6 years old). It is also recommended to regularly shape the crown so that it has an aesthetic appearance..

Three-lobed almond (luizeania) and methods of its reproduction

reproduction of three-lobed almondIn addition to planting and caring for three-lobed almonds, you should understand the methods of its reproduction. This case also has its own characteristics. You can breed this plant in several ways..


This method is suitable for hobby gardeners. First you need to grow the rootstocks. This role will be perfectly played by almond varieties that are maximally resistant to frost, you can also use plum or cherry plum. After, you need to choose a stock. A strong stalk will do, in which all eyes will be fully formed. It must be cleaned of leaves so that only petioles remain..

Additionally, wipe the stem with a clean, soft cloth to remove dirt. Make an incision in the shape of the letter T (above the root collar) with a rounding knife. Bend the edges of the bark slightly. Now, from the prepared cutting, you need to cut off a piece of bark along with a bud and a piece of wood (this is the so-called shield). This bark should be carefully inserted into the cut in the rootstock and wrapped with duct tape or duct tape. The kidney must remain open. When it takes root, the tape can be removed..


From a healthy mother bush of three-lobed almonds (luiseania), cut cuttings within 15-20 cm in length.It is best to take them from the top of the lignified shoots. There should be two nodes left on each handle. Before rooting, keep the stem in a solution of a growth stimulant for about a day. Next, you need to equip a cool greenhouse and fill it with peat with sand.

From the moment of planting to rooting, it takes about a month. After the formation of strong roots, the plants should be transferred to the garden..

For growing three-bladed almonds in the Urals, the steppe species is best suited. it is the most frost-resistant and the least demanding on the ground.

Diseases and pests

aphids on almondsThe plant is almost never affected by pests. Among the diseases, one should be especially wary of moniliosis. Infection with this fungal disease occurs through flowers. Getting inside the wood, the fungi dry out the wood. During flowering, almonds are recommended to be treated with Fundazol for prophylaxis. Pruning affected branches also helps. They need to be burned immediately..

Planting and caring for three-bladed almonds in the Moscow region is not difficult. The main rule is to plant such a plant in groups (at least 2-3). This will encourage cross-pollination. Otherwise, the tree will bloom beautifully, but will not bear fruit. Subject to all the rules, after a while the garden will turn into a beautiful island, decorated with delicate and fragrant flowers, in which spring itself lives.

The secret of the lush flowering of the three-lobed almond – video

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