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Planting in the garden and caring for wild grapes

Five-leaf maiden grapes on a netting The fruits of wild (girlish) grapes are inedible, but the vines of this plant are very decorative. By autumn, the leaves of most varieties acquire a chic burgundy or red color of all kinds of shades and stand out beautifully against the background of the rest of the greenery. The plant is unpretentious to the planting site and soil type, but in order to grow lush bushes, you need to follow simple recommendations for planting and caring for wild grapes.

Where to plant wild grapes

Green gazebo Often summer residents give up decorative creepers just because they do not know how to grow grapes in the country. It is difficult to find a more picky plant than girlish grapes. It grows even in deep shade, does not require frequent fertilization and watering. Despite such unpretentiousness, it is still better to plant it on the sunny side – this way the bush will grow faster, the leaves will be larger and more picturesque.

Cultivated soil with any Ph is suitable for planting. If it is supposed to plant a plant on an unkempt, overgrown with weeds or rocky area, a spacious planting pit 50 cm wide and deep is prepared, and covered with fertile soil with the addition of humus. This filling will be enough for the plant to grow and receive the necessary nutrition for 2-3 years. After final rooting, its root system will cope with obstacles on its own..

Arch of maiden grapesWild grapes, possessing the bulk of the bush, practically does not occupy a useful area, since, when growing grapes in the country, they are planted in places that are not suitable for the growth of other garden and vegetable garden plants. Vines of maiden grapes are suitable for the following purposes:

  • Shading the gazebo.
  • Hedge device.
  • Arch device.
  • Wall decoration of old, dilapidated buildings.

Do not forget that a fast-growing plant needs support, so from the very beginning create conditions for it so that the vines can climb up. This does not apply to those cases when it is planned to let the vines along the ground in the form of a carpet..

How to properly plant wild grapes

Planting maiden grapesThe landing pit fills up on ½ part of the fertile soil with the addition of humus, and the plant is placed in it. If the soil is loose and fertile enough, it is enough to dig a small hole in which the roots of the grapes can be freely distributed. Having covered the hole with soil, it is poured abundantly with water..

Young shoots of wild grapesIt should be ensured that the place of the previous growth of the seedling is at the level of the soil. Deepening the plant will provoke a disorderly formation of shoots, the fight against which will take a lot of time and effort. If the soil subsided after watering, and the bush sank along with the ground, it should be pulled up, gently grabbing the stem near the ground. After that, they fill up the earth and water the plant again..

It is not recommended to transplant a plant more than two years old, as it may disrupt the branching process, and you will have to carry out additional pruning for the correct formation of the bush..

Care of young seedlings of wild grapes

Wild grape seedling carePlants will take root faster if the soil is constantly kept moist, therefore, during the first week after planting, caring for grape seedlings consists of regular watering. In hot weather, this is done early in the morning or in the evening, and always with warm water. For better moisture retention, it is recommended to cover the hole with bark or peat.

Young plants cannot hold onto the grape trellis on their own, so they need to be tied up with soft twine. In a few years, the need for such a garter will disappear, since the plant will independently cling to the fence, the lattice of the gazebo or the wall of the building with antennae or suckers on the stems. Shelter for wild grapes only needs the first 2-3 years after planting, after which you can simply cover the root hole with a layer of humus for the winter. You can watch how to care for wild grapes in the video tutorial attached to the article..

Part of caring for a girl’s grape is to contain the limits of its growth. The plant intensively lets out root suckers, which can capture the space not intended for it. In the second half of summer, the bushes are examined several times, and newly formed shoots are dug out. New bushes can be transplanted for further landscaping of the site..

Pruning wild grapes

Pruning wild grapesIn the third year of grape growth, shoots, or stepchildren, begin to form in the leaf axils. The more such processes appear, the more magnificent the bush turns out. Their formation can be stimulated by spring pruning of lashes. Vines are shortened to the required length, and has no restrictions. If you remove most of the shoot, this will not affect the vitality of the vine – it will release side shoots and again reach its previous size.

Balcony landscaping with wild grapesIf you plan to plant the balcony with vine lashes, you need to let them run along the wall of the house and pinch the grapes (remove the stepsons) until the vine reaches the desired height. After that, shoots are trimmed from the balcony, which contributes to the growth of green mass. In the spring, all dried branches are removed, the wind-torn ones are tied up, and too long shoots are shortened. Formative pruning is carried out throughout the first half of the summer, and in the fall the newly grown ends of the shoots are tied up so that they are not flapped by the wind.

Wild grape video

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