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Spectacular vertical gardening of the territory of a country house

spectacular vertical gardening For many centuries, vertical gardening has been actively used to decorate the garden space. So in Ancient Babylon, the royal palaces were decorated with hanging gardens. The chambers of the Assyrian nobles were located under the shade of climbing roses. Pavilions covered with ivy or grapes were erected in the New World. Cozy arched alleys with lush greenery were arranged in Russia, France, China. Such structures are increasingly appearing on the territory of country houses, harmoniously fitting into landscape design. What are Modern Hanging Gardens? What constructions are used for this? The answers to these questions will help flora fans build a spectacular resting place on the site..

Vertical gardening as an element of landscape design

relaxation zone One of the most original parts of the garden is the area for relaxation and rejuvenation. Usually it is created in secluded places where there are no drafts..

For this, various designs are used:

  • arches;
  • pergolas;
  • gazebos.

territory zoningRecently, plantings have been especially popular, which are equipped for zoning the territory. Climbing plants or ampelous flowerpots are grown on them. When creating such structures, designers use various supports. They are rectangular, semicircular or fan-shaped. Screens, screens and gratings appear in the landscape. Special flowerpots for vertical gardening allow you to create spectacular compositions that turn the territory into a cozy paradise oasis of relaxation.

In addition, the site design solves many other problems:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • comfort;
  • organization of garden areas;
  • protection from the sun, street noise and dust;
  • covering up flaws in buildings;
  • natural microclimate of the site.

There are many options for how to implement design ideas so that vertical gardening becomes the pearl of the summer cottage area.

In specialized shopping centers, they sell all kinds of gratings, metal nets, screens or ready-made pergolas. With them, it is much easier to create a paradise for relaxation in the garden..

Choosing a suitable design

climbing roses on a pergolaTo equip a decent design of a summer cottage, you need to choose the right not only plants, but also a reliable support. It must be durable and reliable. An important factor is the different ways of fastening for climbing crops. For example, a climbing rose is not able to climb independently on a metal support. Therefore, gardeners tie it up. And such vines as honeysuckle, hops or lemongrass with the help of shoots twine around the structure and slowly rise up. The corn-growing hydrangea grows to the support thanks to its unique root system. The maiden grapes are “propelled” by the tendrils. Clematis gracefully clings to the support with strong petioles. Therefore, before choosing a structure for vertical gardening, you need to get acquainted with the already existing options..

It is advisable to use only one material to make a spectacular support. Otherwise, the structure will lose its presentable appearance..

Arch and stylish landscape design

arch in landscape designThe arch is a magnificent passage from one site to another in the garden. This is the most popular technique for arranging modern vertical gardening in Europe..

With the help of several arches, the designers create a lush corridor of climbing plants. They are:

  • oval;
  • triangular;
  • spiky;
  • trapezoidal;
  • semicircular.

Supports are made of wood, plastic, metal and wicker. When the structure is entwined with curly cultures, it becomes an original object for relaxation. To make it easier for plants to curl along the structure, designers use a net or a thin lattice for vertical gardening. If an arched corridor is installed, a miniature fountain or a suitable sculpture is erected at the end of the passage.

The arch looks ugly in the central part of the lawn or away from the garden path.

Ancient pergolas with a modern twist

ancient pergolas in a modern wayInitially, the structure was installed as a reliable support for the vine. Over time, designers began to use the structure as an important element of vertical landscaping. It is a structure consisting of several columns. The upper part of the pergola consists of lattice bars. A support is built from wood or metal. Therefore, the structure is able to withstand any load from climbing plants..

Annuals are sown next to it, which already in the middle of summer densely cover the entire structure:

  • purple morning glory;
  • nasturtium;
  • kvamoklit;
  • climbing kobeu.

Likewise, perennials are used for vertical gardening, such as honeysuckle, climbing roses, mock orange, grape or clematis..

vertical gardening of the fence and entranceThe pergola is often used as a cozy gazebo filled with the heady aroma of flowers. The structure is installed for arranging a recreation site as an independent structure or adjacent to a residential building.

Trellis and weaving crops

trellis for climbing plantsNice compositions are created using a lattice structure. It is made using wood, plastic or metal. Often, trellises are attached to the walls of summer cottages or pergolas. Thus, they turn the site into an enchanting resting place..

Trellis can be safely used in the formation of an orchard.

The splendor of the hedge

live green hedge

Particularly popular is the ancient system of vertical gardening – decorated plant fences. They are helping:

  • rationally divide the site into zones;
  • fence off your territory from neighbors;
  • reduce the ingress of dust into the yard;
  • protects against street noise.

For hedges, flowering or evergreen dense shrubs are suitable. To give the plantings a stylish look, they are periodically pruned..

The craftsmen give the hedges a different shape, which harmoniously fits into the overall design of the landscape..

Original pyramidal obelisks

pyramidal obeliskAn interesting type of vertical gardening is considered to be a compact obelisk support. Its height can be up to 3 m. The simplest version of the obelisk is a tree trunk or a pillar set in the ground. Skilled craftsmen make designs reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids. Having built obelisks in a straight line, divide the site into different zones.

Fashionable vertical flower beds

vertical flower garden wallIn a relatively small territory of a country house, vertical flower beds look amazing. Creative gardeners build them, taking into account the landscape design of the site.

They come in various configurations:

  • screen;
  • wall;
  • circle;
  • pyramid;
  • sculpture.

vertical gardening using different plantsIn addition, they are used to grow not only flowers, but also berry crops, table greens, and some medicinal plants. The bright vertical plantings of strawberries are especially impressive. When the berries are ripe, you don’t have to bend low to harvest. “Plantation” occupies a small area of ​​the site and looks quite impressive throughout the season.rest zone

It is convenient to grow plants in containers on vertical beds. The main thing is that they are resistant to temperature changes..

Lush exterior wall decoration

exterior wall decorationFor more than a thousand years, resourceful gardeners have been actively using vertical landscaping of the facades of residential buildings..

To achieve the goal, cultures of a curly character are suitable:

  • hydrangea;
  • girlish grapes;
  • ivy;
  • hop.

Some designers use modern gadgets to create original compositions. Thanks to this, residential buildings completely change their original appearance. And the site takes on unusual exoticism and splendor. Even unsightly buildings become much more attractive when they put on a living outfit of winding plants..

Thanks to the multifaceted imagination of gardeners, the territory of country houses takes on a unique look. They decorate an oasis for relaxation with bright flowers that grow on vertical structures. Green walls made of plants stand on guard. Pergolas and gazebos await their visitors during the summer heat. Spectacular vertical landscaping exceeds all expectations of fans of stylish landscape design.

Vertical gardening of the cottage – video

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