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Country style plot – simplicity and comfort

country style plot A country-style plot in each country and for representatives of different peoples will look different. There are no uniform rules and laws for its registration. Depending on the characteristics of the village, the plots of villagers from the Russian hinterland, German burghers, Frenchmen or American farmers can vary greatly. In country style, each of the European countries made their own additions. Vivid manifestations of the life of American cowboys, in most European country-style sites, are the use of cart wheels, decorative hitching posts, and pole fences.

The rustic style allows you to create a garden that will express the unity of man and the surrounding nature. Its landscape should organically fit into the space and emphasize the natural beauty of the area..

Features of landscape design in a rustic style

features of a rustic style One of the main conditions for arranging a garden plot in a rustic style is considered to be a small amount of work, moreover, most of the landscape and plantings are left unchanged.

The design of such gardens does not require huge areas, even small areas are suitable for them, the main thing is to adhere to the country style and know its characteristic features:

  • naturalness of the terrain;
  • maximum use in the design of any irregularities in the soil;
  • beds should be laid out on the territory, fruit shrubs and trees should grow;
  • lack of exotic plants;
  • the presence of smooth lines;
  • the use of simple natural materials – clay, stone, wood.

The original country-style garden is a permanent place to relax and meet friends. Here you can enjoy a simple rural landscape and gain strength for a new work week..

rural landscapeOwners of even small country-style garden plots often dream of ponds. For a pond to appear natural, its coastline must be uneven. Plants need to be planted around it chaotically, do not allow geometrically verified markings or certain sequences in compliance with the color scheme.

If the depth of an artificial reservoir, the technology of its construction and climatic conditions allow, then fish will be populated in it, other small inhabitants will appear themselves and will serve as a real living decoration of the garden.

Simple design of a country house in a rustic style with your own hands

country style cottageIn order to properly arrange a country-style plot, it is necessary that there must be structures made of wood, finished with stone or plaster..

And although in this style clear boundaries are not welcome, the zones will still have to be highlighted, there must be such:

  • front zone – the main path, which is usually laid out of stones, with a flower garden at the entrance to the house and flowers growing in clay pots;country-style front area
  • recreation area – it is placed in the back of the garden, most often it is a simple wooden bench or a small gazebo;rustic relaxation area
  • the production area and the garden and vegetable garden area are usually combined, and the outbuildings are masked with wicker fences or bushes.farm buildings and vegetable garden

Old buckets, wooden tubs, barrels, garden scarecrows are suitable as decorative elements..

When decorating a country-style cottage, you need to choose garden plants in a certain way. They should not be demanding to care for, they should be planted where they will be provided with suitable lighting and soil moisture.

Country-style plot: features of decor and plantings

country style flower bed decorVillage plots can be quite different from each other, depending on the national flavor. Americans prefer a lot of light and large lawns, hammocks, verandas with a lot of garden furniture. The Dutch, on the other hand, choose a small patch of lawn with a large number of ornamental plants and a large orchard, where the outbuildings are located..

In the case of the Russian rustic style, there are several interesting points. It is characterized by rows of bushes, beds, apple trees, located in a chaotic manner.

It is also worth highlighting a few key features:

  1. Light negligence. The absence of clearly delineated boundaries of areas is characteristic of places where a person has not been for a long time. The whole composition should seem to exist on its own. It can also be any old objects that are in places they do not belong to..
  2. Neighborhood of wild and ornamental plants. They should be composed in such a way that the gamut is bright and variegated, but not too tiring for the eyes..
  3. Using only natural materials. Any synthetic materials are prohibited for registration. You can diversify the picture with old utensils, watering cans, various wooden crafts.

Country style is usually cheerful, so yellow, red and blue shades should prevail on the site..

The beauty of a rustic flower garden

country style flower plotIf you arrange a flower garden with a small fragment of a fence woven from willow twigs or other long and thin branches, and hang a number of different pots and cans on top of its stakes, then it will fully correspond to the country style.

The flower garden must be extremely variegated. Ornamental flowers usually coexist next to field flowers. Sunflowers, chamomiles, cornflowers, pansies can be a good solution. It is necessary to alternate the plants correctly in order to obtain a unique and beautiful composition. This landing does not take long and does not require a lot of effort. Annual flowers that make up its base are sown immediately into prepared soil..

Located, as a rule, near the house, the flower garden should be very decorative. But spicy herbs that get along well with other plants will also be relevant. This is a delicate oregano with thin twigs, spectacular lemon balm, with dark green leaves or lovage, with tall yellowish umbrellas. But the range of useful plants can be expanded. The main thing is to correctly distribute the zones for their cultivation and not spoil the overall composition..

Country style in the garden – video

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