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How to decorate a tree stump, creating a cozy decor for a summer cottage

how to decorate a tree stump When arranging a personal plot, it is often necessary to remove old and rotten trees, after which unattractive stumps remain. Knowing how to decorate a tree stump, you can make it original, a key element in the landscape design of a garden, or a useful device for a summer vacation in the country..

How to decorate a tree stump and make a mini flower garden

mini-flower garden from the stump There are many ways to decorate a tree stump. One of the simplest and most effective is creating a flower garden on a stump. To decorate the old driftwood, you can choose both decorative annuals and weaving greens. They will not only ennoble the stump, but also turn it into a creative design element that decorates the garden..

Flower garden making technique:

  1. Level the surface of the stump, then make a hole in the center – it should correspond to the size of the flower pot.
  2. If the wood is rotten, remove the core using a hammer and chisel.extracting the core from the stump
  3. The side walls of the stump should be at least 8-9 cm so that the structure does not disintegrate.
  4. If the wood is young and dense, it is most convenient to remove the core by burning. Drill a hole in the center of the hemp and fill in kerosene, plug with a stopper. Repeat 3-5 times, after 7 days light the kerosene.
  5. Treat the walls of the hole in the stump with an antiseptic.
  6. Pour a mixture of garden soil and mineral fertilizers into the hole made, plant flower seedlings.
  7. Plants need to be watered often, but in small portions, avoiding stagnation of moisture. Several holes can be made in the walls of the stump for additional drainage.making mini-flower beds

To make the decorative stump with flowers look even more original, it is decorated with moss or weaving plants. For greater strength and reliability, the structure can be reinforced with a metal mesh.

planting succulentsIn a similar way, you can make an unusual garden lantern out of a stump by placing a solar-powered lamp inside the recess. This option is great for stumps located near a gazebo or recreation area..how to decorate a tree stump

Decorating stumps with ready-made decorations

how to decorate a tree stumpAmong the ways to decorate a tree stump with your own hands, the simplest and most popular is to decorate with ready-made or homemade decorations.

decorating old stumpsIf after sawing a tree there is a driftwood with a wide surface, one or more garden figures can be installed on it – these can be various animals, birds or flower pots. You can also make flowers from plastic bottles or lay out a mosaic pattern from caps in bright colors..

tree stump mushroomOne of the most common ways to decorate a sawn tree in the country is to decorate a mushroom. The most impressive look is a bright red fly agaric or a cute boletus – it all depends on your imagination. From several stumps located nearby, you can make a whole mushroom family.

garden decorationBefore decorating a tree stump, you need to prepare a basin, which will be used in the form of a mushroom cap. Clean the surface of the basin and paint as you like, then flip it over and nail it to the surface of the stump. The stump leg can be left as it is, or it can also be painted..

Stump chair

stump chairAn old driftwood from a cut tree can be an excellent garden furniture. What can be done from a stump depends on its size – large specimens can be turned into comfortable tables, small ones can be turned into chairs.

This idea is easiest to implement before demolishing the tree. This makes it possible to determine and calculate the required saw cut height in order for the chair to be comfortable. A wide stump is best for making a seat..

Step-by-step manufacturing of the chair:

  1. First of all, mark the chair – mark the required chair height with chalk. For a comfortable sitting, it should be at least 50-70 cm.
  2. On the back of the stump, make a mark at a height of 90-100 cm – this will be the back of the chair. It is along this height that the saw cut line will pass. It is most convenient to do it with a chainsaw..stump processing
  3. To decorate the back of the chair, make a horizontal cut along the level of the seat, that is, along the first mark with chalk.
  4. The cutting depth should be 2/3 of the driftwood trunk. Saw through the stump from the side to which the chair will subsequently be turned.
  5. To form the back, make a vertical cut until you reach the previous, horizontal cut..
  6. Remove the piece of driftwood cut this way.

finished stump chairBefore refining the stump, process its edges by removing excess bark with a grinder. Open the prepared snag with varnish. The finished makeshift chair can be decorated to your liking – for example, with bright fabric rugs or wicker seats.types of chairs

Garden table

garden compositionAn old tree stump in a garden design can turn into an original garden table. It is made by analogy with a chair; the stump itself will be the table leg..

Before making a table, the stump must be cleaned of bark – for this it is most convenient to use a chisel or chisel. Try to remove the bark very carefully, as careless movement can damage the wood.

varieties of stump tablesAfter that, attach two perpendicular wooden planks to the side of the stump. In pairs, nail four holders to them, fastened perpendicularly to each other. Make a tabletop from knocked down wooden boards or a solid piece of wood and attach it to the planks, tighten with self-tapping screws.

stump tablesThe round tabletop looks very interesting. To make it, draw a circle using an impromptu compass made of a nail, lace and pencil. In the center of the tabletop, drive in a nail, tying a string with a pencil to it, draw a circle with it. Remove the part of the countertop that will go beyond the circle.

Attach the finished tabletop to the holders and fix it with self-tapping screws. To protect the wood from moisture and prolong its life, treat the attached tabletop with special protective compounds.

Wooden teremok

wooden towerAn ordinary old tree stump can be turned into a fairytale house, which will become a creative design decoration for a garden or backyard. There are many ways to make such locks and towers – the stump most often acts as the main part, to which all additional decorative elements are attached.wooden tower

Before making a wooden tower, it is advisable to make a sketch of the product – this will help to avoid mistakes and make the structure not only beautiful, but also durable. Decorative items can be made from plywood or a piece of fiberboard.

The elements are attached to the stump with self-tapping screws. Before fixing, they must be treated with special solutions and compounds to protect them from rotting and moisture. Teremok can be left in its natural state or painted in any desired color..

stylish stumps in landscape designIf there are large branches or hollows in the stump, they can also be used to decorate the stump. Hang curly products on them, decorate with decorative figures. For example, wooden ladders with small woodcutters or funny gnomes look very impressive..

teremok flashlightRemoving stumps from old trees is a problem that every country house owner faces from time to time. Using the advice of landscape designers, you can get rid of the need for time-consuming uprooting of a stump and turn it into an original designer garden decoration.

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