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How to make a ladybug with your own hands from different materials for garden decor

how to make a ladybug with your own hands A sense of beauty is inherent in every person, so many try to decorate their home and garden in the best possible way. Nevertheless, how to make a ladybug with your own hands quickly and cheaply remains a mystery. Come to the aid of creative gardeners who know a lot about decorative crafts from scrap materials. Understanding some of the subtleties of the creative process significantly saves time, money and effort. However, the result will exceed all expectations, because in the company with original and rare plants, funny figures of insects will flaunt.

Material selection

decorate the currant bush To begin with, it is determined from what to make a ladybug for the garden, so that it is aesthetically pleasing. The right material will create a luxurious exhibit that can compete with store samples. High-quality paint, glue and decorative elements determine the service life of the product. In addition, diligent work will help minimize possible defects..ladybugs made of stones

Thus, the most suitable materials for crafts are:

  • helmets;
  • plastic bottles;
  • stones;
  • plastic spoons.

materials for craftsThe next step in how to make a ladybug with your own hands is design. The insect is done with either open or closed wings. The first option is more laborious, requiring a painstaking and creative approach. However, figures of this kind look much more luxurious than all the others. A separate item is the facial expression of a ladybug. Of course, smiling faces always evoke a response from garden visitors..

ladybugs in the grassThe final chord of this skill will be the location in the garden. In this case, the fact that the paint usually fades in the sun or cracks is taken into account. For this reason, exhibits are located in shaded areas, under trees, bushes or tall plants..

In most cases, decorative elements of the garden are attached to surfaces or ground. Thanks to this fixation, the area looks neat. In addition, neither natural phenomena nor evil people can disturb this paradise idyll..

How to make a ladybug with your own hands from helmets

big ladybug from helmetThe best option would be red or orange helmets, because they do not have to be painted. These can be not only construction or mining models, but also children’s or bicycle models. For better decorativeness, the surfaces are given a glossy shine with a varnish coating. A ladybug from a helmet is painted / varnished with her own hands in the evening hours, because under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, all the properties of paints are lost. The sequence of actions in this process plays an important role..

Before painting, a plastic blank:

  • is thoroughly washed out;
  • dried naturally;
  • covered with a plastic primer.

Remarkably, red is not the main shade of the amazing insect. In nature, there are species with black, yellow or orange shells, which significantly expands the gardener’s horizons for creativity..

applying a red helmetDue to this, the coloring composition lays down as evenly as possible and does not peel off over time. Acrylic paints are often used, which shine and shimmer in the sun. For reliability, the helmet is covered with two layers. If possible, use a special gun or formulations in spray cans.

After that, antennae are made.:

  • take two identical tubes from a spray / spray bottle;
  • wires are inserted inside;
  • the outer edges are twisted or balls are placed on them.

antennae makingTwo holes are drilled above the visor. The antennae made are inserted into them and tightly fixed. Often, rods with threads and nuts are used as legs. The material is cut into equal lengths with a grinder. The outer edges are carefully polished and screwed on from the attachment side. This is followed by the design process..

Drawing lessons

black dot application processA botanist will help you understand how to decorate a ladybug. Depending on the species, insects have a different number of points: from 1 to 10 on each wing. They can be the same or different sizes. Creating such patterns by hand or with a marker will not be successful. For this reason, masking tape is used..

The algorithm for creating decorative circles is as follows:

  • on any surface (wall or table) they are glued in strips 10-15 cm wide and 20-30 cm long;
  • circles are drawn on the resulting areas – inverted cups of different diameters are outlined with a marker;
  • circles are cut and removed;
  • the edges of each workpiece are fixed with masking tape to make a square with a hole inside.

stencil makingIn the center of the helmet, two strips of adhesive tape are glued to create the border of the wings. Closer to the back, it can taper. The resulting blanks are placed on each side, 2-3 pcs. The front part with a visor also separates in the form of a semicircle or a triangle, because it will become the muzzle of a ladybug garden craft. Next, using a brush or a piece of foam rubber, black paint is applied. The bases with antennae are carefully stained. If a pistol is used, then all the necessary areas on the back must be covered with masking tape. After drying, the tapes are removed.

Eyes are painted with white acrylic paint or ready-made decor for toys is bought. Eyelashes and a smile are added to give the exhibit a cartoonish look..

Stones – an opportunity to immortalize your art

how to make a ladybug with your own hands from stonesThe easiest way is to create ladybugs from stones. Pebbles are most often chosen as the starting material. It is thoroughly washed out with water, and after drying, it is covered with a solution of PVA glue and water. Such a composition helps to level the surface and smooth out roughness. Next, white acrylic paint is applied to give the top layer a brighter, more juicy shade. The resulting base is painted over with two layers of red paint.family of ladybugs

Then painstaking drawing begins.:

  • muzzles;
  • central strip;
  • points;
  • antennae;
  • eyes, eyelashes;
  • smiles (you can point).

Sometimes interesting twin stones come across. Ladybugs are very easy to create from them, since their back already has a relief separation..

original designTo make the edges as smooth as possible, the drawing is preliminarily depicted with a marker or gel pen. If possible, a V-shaped notch is drawn on the back from the beginning of the head. White wings with small veins are depicted along it. In another version, the same cut is made in the central part of the back with an extension at the bottom. At the end, the stone is given a glossy shine, which fixes the painting, using acrylic varnish.

When plastic bottles are used

ladybugs from plastic bottlesThere are many options for creating ladybugs from plastic bottles with your own hands. The easiest is to use the bottoms. They are cut from plastic containers of various sizes (0.5-2 liters). The workpieces are painted over both inside and outside. Several coats are applied to create an even surface. The head is made from a regular foam ball. A third part is cut off from it, and then a recess is formed in order to glue the base to it. The antennae are made of disposable forks, the edges of which are warmed up by the fire of a candle, and then slightly bent. After this procedure, they are cut with tweezers and inserted into the holes on the head. In conclusion, store eyes are glued and dots are drawn on the protrusions and sides.dyeing products

Before making a ladybug with your own hands, the number of required exhibits for the garden is determined. The design of the exposition is carefully thought out, as well as the colors of the front garden / rockery.

ladybug with spread wingsA more painstaking task will be to create a ladybug with spread wings. In this case, a 2 liter bottle is used. The neck and bottom are cut off, a cut is made along the length. 4 identical ovals of slightly elliptical shape are cut from the resulting canvas..

Painting is carried out in this way:

  1. The bottom. Black paint is applied in several layers both inward and outward.bottom staining on both sides
  2. The first pair of wings. It is painted in the form of a cobweb, but remains transparent.drawing wings
  3. Second pair. Dots are drawn on the outside, and the inside is completely covered with red paint.second pair of wings

This is followed by the assembly. 4 wings are attached to the inverted bottom with superglue. A cover is glued in front, and painted in a black shade. Eyes, eyelashes and a smile are applied to the face. Holes are cut at the base into which the wire is threaded as a fastening element.collecting ladybug

Using regular spoons

ladybug made of spoonsA ladybug made from plastic spoons is made according to the same principle as from a bottle. Only here you do not need to cut the wings, because they are already ready. Three spoons are taken, two of them are painted on both sides in a red shade, and one in black. Dots are drawn on a bright background. After drying, the handles are cut off.

The craft is folded so that the red wings do not cover the completely black abdomen. In this case, the angle of inclination or the degree of expansion of the wings is selected depending on the design. A black button or a cover painted in a dark shade is glued as a head. With such funny ladybugs, the garden will be filled with a special atmosphere.

How to make ladybugs with your own hands from CDs, Kinder Joy and plastic spoons – video

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