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Gloria Day Rose Care Secrets for Luxurious Bloom

rose gloria dey Rose Gloria Day is the standard of hybrid tea varieties of roses, which are very popular in all corners of the world. This species has repeatedly received prestigious international awards, among which is the “Rose of the Century”. He became an undoubted favorite in the design of personal plots, botanical gardens, park flower beds and squares. Gloria Day has gained wide popularity among gardeners and landscape designers due to its luxurious appearance, colorful two-tone color, ease of growing and unpretentious care..

Rose Gloria Day – description and features of the variety

hybrid tea rose Gloria Day Gloria Day hybrid tea rose is one of the best creations of French breeders of the 20th century. Its creator was Francis Mayyan, a native of Lyon. The flower with an unusual honey aroma and luxurious two-color buds was bred as a result of super-complex hybridization and was named after the early deceased mother of the breeder. In the post-war years, it became widespread in European countries, having won many international awards..

Description of gloria dei rose:

  1. The bushes are tall, branched and compact, their height can reach 130-200 cm.The diameter of the bush is on average 80-130 cm.
  2. Rose bushes have a hemispherical or reverse pyramidal shape.
  3. Shoots are thick and powerful, with sparse thorns. Most often, in the first year, the bush has up to 3 bearing branches, after which their number increases to 8-9 pieces.
  4. Leaf plates of medium size, deep green color with a shiny, glossy surface, well-defined veins and jagged edges.
  5. Flower buds are large, the diameter of a blossoming double flower can reach 13-20 cm.
  6. The flowers are cup-shaped and double, their color changes depending on the stage of disclosure – from greenish-yellow to pink with a golden tint. Lush flowers, each consists of 40-46 petals.

rose Gloria Day ClimingA separate variety is the climbing rose Gloria Day Climing. This variety is distinguished by powerful and long shoots, the size of which can reach 2-3 m. Climing is used to create original hedges and vertical landscaping of the garden area..

Growing roses Gloria Day

growing rose Gloria DayThe popularity of the Gloria Day rose is due not only to its excellent aesthetic qualities, but also to its unpretentiousness to growing conditions. It is resistant to scab, rot and other common fungal diseases.

An important advantage of the variety is frost resistance. Gloria Day perfectly tolerates frosts down to -20 ° C, so it can be grown even in regions with harsh climatic conditions.

For planting Gloria Day roses, it is best to choose the period from early April to late October. Many gardeners practice exactly the autumn planting, since the seedling manages to get stronger and take root over the winter, starting up in active growth with the onset of spring.

For growing Gloria Day, it is best to use strong and healthy 2-3 year old seedlings purchased from horticultural nurseries. When breeding one or more rose bushes, you can use the grafting method, grafting on stems or layering.

Site selection and seedlings

choosing a place for a roseFor the Gloria Day rose, it is advisable to choose areas with black soil or fertile soils rich in organic matter. The planting site should be well lit, since it is impossible to get full bloom in the shade. Partial shade is allowed, but the plant must be under the sun for at least half the day..

Before planting, you need to take into account the size of the rose bushes, which can reach 200 cm in height. Therefore, when choosing a place for laying out a flower garden, you need to leave at least 2-3 square meters. for each bush Gloria Day.

Site and seedling preparation

preparation of the landing pitBefore planting, rose seedlings must be properly prepared. First of all, it is necessary to “refresh” their root system. To do this, carefully shorten the roots with a secateurs by about 4-5 mm. This pruning stimulates the growth and development of the root system, helping it to take root faster in a new place..

After pruning, you can dip the roots of the seedling in a mixture of clay and manure mixed in a 2: 1 ratio. The talker will protect the root system from drying out and the penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

rose seedling

Before planting, the site must be dug up and fertilized with peat, compost or manure. After that, you need to level the soil with a rake and prepare the landing holes. Their size and depth should be at least 70-80 cm.soaking the seedling before planting

Step-by-step landing scheme

stages of planting a roseIt is advisable to prepare the planting holes 6-7 days before planting the rose, after fertilizing the soil with compost, manure or other organic fertilizers.

Landing technique:

  1. Dip the root system of the seedling into a container with a solution of Epin, Kornevin or another growth stimulator and leave for 1 hour..
  2. Fill a layer of drainage at the bottom of the planting hole – fine gravel, pebbles, broken brick.
  3. Pour a nutritious substrate made from fertile soil, compost and peat on top of the drain.
  4. In the center of the hole, form a small mound of soil and place a rose seedling on it. Make sure that the grafting point is 4-5 cm below soil level.
  5. Gently straighten the roots of the seedling and fill the hole with a nutritious substrate so that there are no voids.

After planting is complete, water the seedlings abundantly and mulch with peat or chopped grass. To maintain optimal soil moisture, the thickness of the mulch layer should be 4-5 cm.

The subtleties of caring for the rose Gloria Day

rose pruningPlanting and caring for the Gloria Day rose have their own characteristics and subtleties, the observance of which helps to create comfortable conditions for the plant for active growth, lush and long flowering.

Basic rules for caring for a rose:

  1. The hybrid tea rose does not like excess moisture in the soil, which can lead to rotting of its root system. The bushes need to be watered with warm, settled water as the top layer of the soil dries up, in the morning and evening hours. Depending on weather conditions, watering is required 1-2 times a week, pouring 6-7 liters of water under each rose.proper watering of roses
  2. Fertilizers for roses Gloria Day are applied before flowering begins, as well as after its completion. This is most often done in mid or late April and the second half of October. For top dressing, it is best to use complex mineral fertilizers for roses. In this case, pre-water the near-stem circle to protect it from burns. From organic matter, ash infusion or slurry can be used.fertilizing roses
  3. The rose needs sanitary and formative pruning. During the first, all sick, frozen and damaged shoots are removed. With the second, a neat crown of the bush is formed. Shoots are cut at a distance of 6-7 mm from the bud. This stimulates the growth of new shoots and helps to “wake up” dormant buds.

Rosa Gloria Day is one of the most popular and widespread hybrid tea varieties considered to be the reference. This species is well-deserved love of gardeners and landscape designers from all over the world. With minimal requirements for growing and care conditions, Gloria Day pleases with lush, colorful buds that can become a luxurious decoration of any garden and park.

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