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Hybrid tea rose Black Baccarat gives a triumph of rich burgundy tones

hybrid tea rose Black Baccarat The first hybrid tea rose had lemon yellow petals and was bred in 1867. This is the La France variety, known to gardeners and under the name Gloria Day, its descendants are the Black Baccarat and Berolina hybrid tea rose. Unlike the direct descendant, bred in Germany in 1986, the black beauty is strikingly different in color and other characteristics, like most representatives of this class..

Description of Black Baccara roses

burgundy black rose Black Baccarat A burgundy-black rose appeared through the efforts of French citizen Meilland. This significant event for flower growers took place in 2004, although the goal: to get a pure black rose, was never achieved.

For a number of its qualities, including its color, the Black Baccara rose is classified as a premium plant:

  • height – 70-80cm;
  • bush diameter – 60-70 cm;
  • thorns – rare:
  • on one shoot – 1 flower;
  • flower diameter – 10 cm;
  • tall goblet bud;
  • in one inflorescence – 40-45 velvety triangular petals;
  • the scent is barely perceptible.

The height of erect, strong stems depends on the quality of the soil and the characteristics of fertilizing, they can reach 1 meter in height.

Cold-resistant variety, disease resistance – medium.

lush rose bush Black BaccaratThe luxurious bushes of the Black Baccarat hybrid tea rose are successfully used in landscaping to decorate the yard. A greater effect can be achieved by emphasizing the peculiarity of the ornamental plant due to the contrast with roses of other varieties.

Features of rose color Black Baccara

hybrid tea rose Black Baccarat in a bouquetOn young shoots, when the leaves have not yet unfolded, red predominates. Over time, it becomes less, but until the end it does not disappear. On glossy dense leaves, a reddish edging and a shade at the veins on the back side remain.

Velvety ruby-colored petals of a triangular shape frame the black core. The Black Baccara hybrid tea rose blooms in early summer. And blooms to frost on the soil. Easily tolerates cold snaps up to 8-10 ° C. New buds appear on it several times a season.

The color of the buds of the Black Baccarat hybrid tea rose in June and September will be different due to changes in the temperature regime.

Black Baccarat rose flower grown in hot climatesThe predominance of petals with a rich black color is influenced by the acidity of the soil, temperature, sunlight or lack thereof:

  1. Roses in acidic soil are dominated by a deep burgundy color. Only on hot sunny days will black tones prevail in the color.
  2. On soil with neutral acidity, the petals will be ruby ​​or cherry,
  3. The rich black color of the petals is an indication that the plant is experiencing stress from an increase or decrease in air temperature..
  4. The black color of the petals protects the plant from burns. In the shade or on cloudy days, the flower looks cherry-ruby.

With the arrival of autumn cold weather and in summer, in 30-degree heat, roses will be black with a burgundy tint.

What planting and care does the Black Baccarat hybrid tea need?

planting a rose seedling on the sitePlanting and care affect the splendor of the color of the Black Baccarat rose bush, the saturation of the color of the buds, the safety of the plant during frosts.

Carefulness of plant care comes down to:

  • timeliness of feeding;
  • frequency and correctness of watering;
  • mulching the soil;
  • preparing for winter.

The choice of planting site and soil preparation will affect the color of the plant’s petals. Protection from direct sunlight will help create a comfortable atmosphere for the plant, but this will lead to the loss of the characteristic black velvety shade of the variety..

Soil preparation for planting rose Black Baccara

preparation of nutrient soilIf the acidity of the soil is low or neutral, then you need to prepare a place for planting a rose in advance. If the flower is planted in the spring, then the preparatory work to increase the acidity of the soil should be started in the fall..

There are two ways to increase the acidity of the soil – by applying organic fertilizers, using chemical compositions. For planting one bush, 1 m2 of area is enough. To make this soil acidic, you need to add 6 kg of cow dung or 12 kg of humus from a compost pit to it..

If a slight increase in soil acidity is required, ammonium sulfate or potassium sulfate are used in the fall. In the spring, you can use ammonium nitrate. With the help of these simple manipulations, it is possible to grow Black Baccarat hybrid tea roses saturated with black and ruby ​​flowers..

Features of watering tea roses in the open field

watering rosesThe need for watering is judged as the top layer of the soil dries up. Spray roses should be watered abundantly, but rarely. For one watering, at least 20 liters of water is poured under each bush. Watering is done under the plant. The ingress of water on the leaves can provoke the defeat of the entire bush with fungal diseases..

Top dressing

fertilizing roses

Fertilization of roses is done in stages:

  1. Nitrogen fertilization is done in early spring. It is necessary for building foliage.
  2. Complex mineral dressing is necessary for all ornamental flowering plants, including the rose..
  3. Potassium is applied under the bush on the eve of winter, which will increase the resistance of the bush to frost.

All dressings of the Black Baccarat hybrid tea rose make it stronger, more enduring, more beautiful.

Pruning rules and preparation for winter

correct pruning of rosesAs they wilt, the inflorescences are pruned along with the stems, which gives the plant the strength to form new shoots and buds. Since autumn, all branches that did not have time to gain strength are cut out of the bush. In the spring, strong shoots are adjusted, each of them should have 3 buds.

Pruning is done with garden shears – shears at an angle of 45 °.

It is impossible to prepare a flower bush for wintering in advance, the greenhouse effect will only increase the risk of infection of the plant. It is necessary to cover the rose at the onset of persistently low temperatures. The plant will withstand frosts down to -8 -10 ° C without loss.

preparing for winterAfter the onset of frost, fallen leaves and traces of former mulching are removed from under the plant. The root system is covered with a thick layer of humus, and the shoots are wrapped in a covering material, burlap.

A hybrid tea rose Black Baccarat will grow on my site – video

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