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Choosing a bluegrass lawn for a summer cottage

bluegrass lawn The bluegrass lawn is a fairly common way of decorating a personal plot. A thick and even carpet of grass looks very beautiful in the country, in the courtyard of a private house and near an office building. If you decide to transform the territory, then you should pay special attention to the choice of grass. What a meadow bluegrass looks like can be seen in the photo below..

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Bluegrass – the grass that changes everything around

bluegrass Previously, the plant was used as livestock feed and was planted exclusively for this purpose. However, bluegrass is now mainly used to create lawns. The plant belongs to the group of early crops, therefore, with the onset of the first heat, you can observe how the lawn gradually turns green and takes on an attractive appearance.

To make the lawn look brighter in color, it is worth sowing the bluegrass thicker..

By covering the soil with a dense carpet, the grass protects it from adverse environmental factors. The plant feels great in different climatic conditions and on any soil composition. After the grass reaches four centimeters in height, it needs to be cut. Due to the fact that the leaves grow vertically, the grass is easy to cut. If done correctly, the lawn will be even thicker and spread throughout the entire territory..

Bluegrass is easy to care for and resistant to most diseases. The period of active growth falls in the spring. The plant reaches adulthood in 4 years. Before winter, the lawn is not cut, but is left 10 centimeters high to protect the root system during an unfavorable period.

mowing bluegrassIn order for the grass to be always beautiful, do not forget about combing the lawn. The procedure is carried out with a metal brush. This is necessary in order to remove debris and dry leaves. In places where the lawn has become bald, it is worth adding soil, thus providing a place for the grass to grow. In winter, if a crust has formed on the lawn, it will need to be removed in order for the plant to breathe..blank

Knowing how many years meadow bluegrass lasts for a lawn, you can grow a beautiful lawn. With proper care, the grass cover will delight with its neatness for 15 years..

Plant species

well-groomed lawnBluegrass is a perennial herb that has several varieties. All species differ not only in appearance, method of cultivation, but also in endurance..

The main varieties of meadow bluegrass:

  1. “Midnight”. The grass is used for the lawns of football fields, as it is resistant to various parasites and diseases. The peculiarity of this plant is that it does not wrinkle and copes well with various loads..variety midnight
  2. “Sobra”. This variety has proven itself both for flower bed decoration and for decorating sports grounds. Plants form a medium cover density. The grass is also distinguished by a small width of deciduous plates and a rich shade..soba bluegrass
  3. “Horses”. The plant is suitable for creating flower beds. This species of meadow bluegrass is characterized by slow growth and good disease resistance..bluegrass horses
  4. Dolphin. It is a lawn bluegrass suitable for tennis courts.bluegrass dolphin
  5. “Panduro”. Disease resistant variety. When properly fitted it has a beautiful appearance and is durable.bluegrass panduro
  6. Platini. The grass is easy to care for and grows quickly. Due to its endurance to stress, “Platini” is often used to create football pains.bluegrass platinum
  7. “Compact”. It is an artificially bred variety that is drought tolerant..bluegrass compact
  8. Geronimo. The grass forms a dense web. The leaves are bright, small in size.bluegrass geronimo
  9. “Boutique”. Beautiful and dense grass that blends well with other lawn plants.bluegrass boutique

No less popular varieties of meadow bluegrass for creating a lawn is “Balin”.

bluegrass balinIt tolerates frost well, retaining a bright green color. Grass is used to decorate sports grounds. Balin is a plant that blooms early and has medium rooting power..

Choosing the right seeds

bluegrass seedsThe market is now replete with a variety of grass mixtures for lawn planting. But, if you want to create a beautiful site, then it is recommended to choose high quality seeds..

Before you buy planting material, you should check its germination. The first thing to do is look at the packaging. The product must be certified in your country and in the international market. Also, choose seeds that are suitable for planting in your area and for the type of lawn you want..

seed checkFor those who want to make a classic flower bed, one bluegrass variety is suitable, if the sports field is a special one. Once you’ve decided on your lawn type, buy some seeds and try planting them. It is not necessary to do this in the soil; you can put the grains pre-soaked with boiling water between the layers of sawdust and send them to a warm place. After a few days, you will see if the seeds will sprout. Instead of shavings, it is allowed to use two wipes moistened with water. To determine the quality of the seeds, you can fill them with water for 10 minutes. Good planting material will remain at the bottom, and bad planting material will float..

How to plant a bluegrass lawn

bush planting of bluegrassExperts note that planting this grass is quite simple, and measures for caring for it are also not difficult. Before planting meadow bluegrass, you should know the basic rules. If you follow all the recommendations, then the lawn will delight you with its appearance for a long time..

The bluegrass has a strong root system that is able to recover, even after severe damage..


  1. Before planting meadow bluegrass, you need to prepare the substrate. It is best to choose slightly acidic loamy soils. To create a beautiful, dense lawn, you first need to dig up the soil and remove the weeds. Next, calcify, tamp and level the soil, and only after that proceed to sowing the seeds.soil preparation
  2. It is best to carry out the procedure using a lawn seeder, but if it is not there, then you need to do it manually. First, the grains are spread along and then across the site. This is done so that there are no bald areas. Together with the seeds, it is recommended to sprinkle the soil with fertilizer, which contains nitrogen and potassium. The seeding rate of meadow bluegrass is from 10 to 15 grams per 1 m2.sowing bluegrass
  3. The next step will be to compact the soil already with seeds for their better fixation. Grains and fertilizer are conveniently distributed with a roller and rake. Planting depth should be approx. 2 mm.soil compaction

It is important to provide the future lawn with plenty of light for its rapid growth. Therefore, choose an open area for your lawn. In the first year, bluegrass grows very slowly, only after a month the first blades of grass appear and gradually the surface of the earth is covered with bushes. You can propagate bluegrass by dividing the bush. They sit down at a short distance from each other. It will take only two months for there to be no gaps between them..

Bluegrass lawn: care rules

watering the lawnIrrigation. The first weeks after sowing, bluegrass should be watered daily for 10 minutes. We repeat this procedure until the grass sprouts. At the same time, it is forbidden to walk in the place of the future lawn. Further watering is carried out as needed..

the lawn needs wateringAir temperature. This is an important point in grass care. Bluegrass generally tolerates temperature fluctuations well. However, if you notice that the grass has begun to turn yellow and dry, it means that it lacks moisture. It is necessary to provide full watering if there is no rain and the weather is dry and hot.

lawn formationLawn formation. Regular mowing of bluegrass is the key to its growth and splendor. In the event of bald patches, new seeds will need to be planted. If everything is done correctly, then in a month new sprouts will appear..

fight with molesPests. Only moles are terrible for bluegrass, since they undermine the sod from below and can violate the integrity of the plants. If this happened, then the situation can be corrected by leveling the soil with a rake and sowing it with new seeds..

fertilizationFertilizer. To maintain the beauty of the lawn, due attention should be paid to feeding the bluegrass. It is best to opt for organic fertilizers. Experts advise to feed the lawns with nutrients all the time. Thus, you will get a beautiful, well-groomed and dense grass that will delight the eye for a long time..

As a top dressing, it is better to purchase nutritional mixtures that contain herbicides. So you will not only “feed” the lawn, but also fight weeds at the same time..

In autumn and spring, the fertilizer should be spread over the lawn in a thin layer. When the grass and soil become wet due to rain or melted snow, nutrients from fertilizers will fall into the ground and make it nutritious..

Compatibility with other herbs

mixed grass lawnBluegrass gets along well with other cereals. Good neighbors for such a grass will be pasture ryegrass, meadow fescue, white field grass, red fescue, thin field grass and others..

For example, red fescue, along with bluegrass, is perfect for strengthening slopes by braiding and spreading roots. This mix is ​​considered the most successful because it can grow in different conditions and in almost any type of soil. In addition, this lawn will be equally functional both in the park and on the football field..

Knowing what meadow bluegrass is and what types of it are, you can create a real dream lawn. At the same time, it is important to observe all the subtleties of choosing seeds, the technology of planting them in the ground, as well as proper care for adult grass. And then you will enjoy the result..

Sowing a lawn from bluegrass – video

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