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Professional advice on how to plant and maintain white clover lawn

how to plant white clover for your lawn “Clover by the road, spread its fan. Plays with the breeze, sings a song, “- these wonderful words convey all the delights of a modest grass. It can appear anywhere if you learn how to plant and care for white clover for your lawn. The plant produces a dense green carpet that is resistant to cold winters and mechanical damage. First, let’s figure out how this cute botanical culture is described..

Plant characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

white clover blooms White clover belongs to the legume family. It has a well-developed creeping rhizome that penetrates about 230 cm into the soil. Over time, the neck and root buds sink into the soil. Thanks to this, they do not freeze out and do not enter the stomach of herbivores..

The ground part is made up of strong branching shoots, up to 20 cm high, and foliage of the original configuration. The plate consists of three rounded petals, colored green with white stripes. During the flowering period, the green carpet wears an outfit of many capitate white inflorescences. Each of them has about 100 tubular buds.

In the natural environment, there are about 300 varieties of clover. However, only 70 varieties grow on the territory of our country..

Benefits of white clover

benefits of white cloverDespite the “stylish” appearance, white clover creeping has pros and cons that are important to remember.

The positive aspects include a number of factors:

  • aesthetic beauty (rich green color, cute white buds);
  • soft structure of shoots (it is pleasant to walk barefoot);
  • resistance to mechanical stress (any movement on the lawn remains unnoticed).

In addition, white clover creeping wonderfully takes root on any kind of soil. It is not afraid of direct sunlight and does not lose its decorative effect with moderate shade. The plant tolerates dry periods comfortably and can do without feeding. Despite this, the culture displaces weeds from the site..

beautiful clover lawnWhite clover has a strong root system that supports the top ball of soil. Therefore, it is often sown on slopes. In addition, unique bacteria live on the roots of the plant. The product of their activity is nitrogen – an important natural fertilizer.

White clover cuttings can be used to feed domestic animals.

Disadvantages of the plant

dense clover lawnWhen using white clover as lawn grass, be aware of its aggressiveness. It spreads quickly enough throughout the site. Therefore, experts advise to control the growth of creeping culture. Otherwise, it may end up in a vegetable garden or flower bed. As a result, plants with a weak root system will be seriously damaged and may even die..

honey plantDuring the flowering period, bees and other insects that can sting flock to the lawn with white clover. Therefore, the owners should be careful not to suffer from the bite of “intruders”. The danger to people also arises after heavy rainfall. The wet surface of leaf blades and shoots is very slippery. Do not actively move on the lawn during this period, so as not to injure your leg or arm..

If the lawn is too overgrown, snails, slugs, and sometimes snakes grow in it. However, timely cutting of the plant will eliminate this disadvantage. Next, let’s figure out the scheme for growing a crop in a summer cottage.

When and how to plant white clover for your lawn

when and how to plant white clover for your lawnThe foundational truth, “Everything in good time” certainly applies to agriculture. It would never occur to anyone to sow wheat in July when it is harvested. Similarly, there are several periods of sowing white clover on the lawn: late spring, summer, or early autumn..

moist nutrient soilAs you know, the rains in May thoroughly moisturize the soil. If you sow the grass at this time, it will quickly take root and grow. In summer, the plant also grows wonderfully, since the soil is sufficiently warmed up. In autumn, a period is selected when the night temperature is kept within + 10 ° C.

clover seedsIt is good to plant the crop before the rainy season or in between. Agronomists suggest adhering to the optimal seeding rate of creeping white clover per hectare. This area will require up to 3 kg of planting material. When all the rules of preparation are taken into account, the landing technology begins. Let’s consider the process step by step.

Usually, on the packaging, the manufacturer indicates the size of the area for which the amount of grain is calculated..

Ideal playground

ideal place for a clover lawnAlthough clover is a hardy plant, it won’t grow anywhere. For example, in a shaded area, it will lose its decorative effect. And in wetlands, the root system will suffer.

An ideal site should meet the requirements:

  • abundance of sunlight;
  • lack of drafts;
  • in extreme cases – partial shade.

Plus, the creeping culture thrives on hilly terrain. It clings tightly to the soil with its powerful roots. She is not afraid of heavy showers, which wash away everything in its path. It is commendable that our compatriots adhere to all agronomic rules.

Soil preparation and sowing

soil preparation for sowing cloverFirst of all, all kinds of garbage, rhizomes of old perennials and pebbles are removed from the site. If there are a lot of dandelions growing on it, herbicides are applied. Then the top layer of the earth is thoroughly loosened in order to carefully remove it. With the help of a special roller, the platform is leveled, carefully compacting it.

It is advisable to neutralize acidic soil with dolomite flour or lime.

sowing cloverBefore planting white clover for the lawn, the soil is thoroughly moistened. Usually, in dry soil, seeds lose their germination. They can stay in it until the beginning of rainy weather and even die. To speed up the process, the grains are soaked in water at room temperature for 1 hour. The resulting material is mixed with sand or sawdust, and then sown. The procedure is performed manually or mechanically. Top covered with turf soil, sand or a thin layer of soil. Sprinkle abundantly with water using a spray bottle. With heavy precipitation, moisture is excluded. The first shoots will appear in a week if the air temperature is between 18 and 20 ° C..

To prevent the seeds of white clover from remaining on the shoes, put plastic bags or shoe covers on top.

Systematic lawn care

white clover lawn careAn important aspect of a stylish territory is not only competent planting of creeping white clover, but also caring for it. Since only juicy greens appear in the first season, it needs regular weeding of a point nature. Weeds are removed by hand, especially after watering or rain.

Do not worry if there are voids on the site. They will disappear completely over the season..

mowing white cloverNext year, the culture will strengthen its position. Its powerful rhizome will penetrate deep into the soil, and the plant will bloom in lush buds. When it grows to about 10 cm, you need to know how to mow your clover lawn to make it look beautiful. The procedure is often performed mechanically. This will create a flat area..

In addition, there are a few more rules:

  • a functional lawn is mowed more often so that the clover does not have time to bloom;
  • the decorative area can be cut after the buds wither.

Since the ideal sowing height does not exceed 6 cm, summer residents closely monitor the lawn. The growth of culture directly depends on weather conditions. The more heat and moisture, the faster the lawn will turn into a dense carpet.

clover carpetAfter winter, the site is carefully inspected. If large voids are found, clover is sown with a superficial method. Small bald patches will overgrow on their own, turning the lawn into a delicate green blanket..

Having considered the recommendations of experts on how to plant white clover for a lawn in open ground, we can safely get down to business. The seed is sold in stores. Preparing your lawn involves only a few simple steps. Clover can be sown manually or mechanically. And care consists in a haircut and moderate watering (if necessary). Let our lawns be decorated with crops of white creeping clover.

How to plant white clover for a lawn in an abandoned area – video

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