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How to make a flower bed of bricks with your own hands?

multi-tiered brick flower bed Most gardeners love their plot no less than a city apartment, and there is no need to talk about the owners of private houses: everyone wants the garden to bring not only healthy and environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits, but also to please the eye. Therefore, everyone tries to decorate their several hundred square meters in their own way: they lay stone paths, arrange a small pond, put up a gazebo. One of the simplest and most effective ways to decorate a summer cottage is flowers. Moreover, the more original approach to their planting, the more beautiful they will look when they bloom. Of course, a brick flower bed furnished with love will look much more advantageous than a regular planting. The advantages of brick flower beds in the country are undeniable: in addition to their excellent decorative value, they also carry a rational load – they zone the space and prevent the spread of weeds.

In this article we will learn how to make a flower bed of bricks with our own hands with high quality and beautiful.

Choosing a place for a brick flower bed

The first step is to decide where you want to equip the flower garden. At first glance, it may seem that this is not so difficult, but the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Lighting – the flower bed should not be in the shade of a house or greenhouse, since sufficient sunlight is needed for good flower growth.
  • View of the flower garden – the flower bed should be clearly visible from the window of the house or from the veranda so that you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful view.

If you already know where you want to make a flower bed, think about its shape..

There are several types of flower beds:

  • ring (planted around trees or ponds);
  • island (round flower beds);
  • rabatka (long narrow flower beds along a path or wall);
  • stepped (multi-level flower beds);
  • rectangular flower beds.

In addition to a convenient place for a flower bed, you must also choose the flowers that you plant in it. Please note that they match with each other not only in color, but also in compatibility..

flower bed

flower beds made of bricks

round flower beds

corner brick flower bed

Polygonal brick flower bed

Wavy white brick flower bed

Required materials for a brick flower bed

Brick flower beds are simple to design and do not require special costs. Usually, all the necessary materials are already available on the site: first of all, it is brick and cement mortar. In addition, you will need pegs and line for leveling, and sand and extra stones for decoration..

Stages of work

The whole process of creating a brick flower bed with your own hands can be divided into several stages:

  • Markup. Draw the outline of the future flower bed on the ground, select it with a thin strip of fabric.
  • Digging a hole. The depth of the pit should not exceed 30 cm. Sand and cobblestones must be laid out on the bottom to ensure high-quality drainage..
  • We build flowerbed walls. Lay out the first row of bricks, mark it with pegs on both sides and stretch the fishing line between them. Knead the solution. Lay bricks with mortar and make sure that the brickwork is even and strong..
  • Leave the finished clutch for 4-5 days to get stronger.
  • Pour the required amount of soil into the flower bed. Leave it for 10-15 days to shrink..
  • Plant the plants, water abundantly. Photos of brick beds will help you arrange plants beautifully.

Flower bed decoration

When the flowerbed is ready, you can further decorate it. If the walls of the flower bed are wide enough, you can put flowerpots with flowers in the corners. Garden sculptures will look good next to a flower garden. Create a path to the flower bed with decorative tiles, gravel, or other materials. You can find additional ideas for decorating your flower garden from the photo of brick flower beds in addition to this article..

We wish you success in your wonderful endeavor. May your brick bed delight you for many years.

Video: examples of brick beds

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