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How to choose undersized flowers for a flower bed

beautiful flower bed Low flowers are an essential element for any flower bed. They are used as a foreground and spacer for larger plants. And now more and more attention is attracted by flower beds created only from low plants..

When choosing flowers and ornamental plants, it is important to consider what type of flower garden you intend to create..

Flower beds can differ in:

  1. degree of illumination;
  2. humidity;
  3. color scheme.

The choice of plants depending on the light

The flower bed can be located in a place well lit by the sun. In this case, you can plant purslane, small varieties of geraniums, calendula and dahlias, aubrieta, alissums, silver celosia, lobularia, nasturtium, marigolds on it. Ornamental-leaved plants, such as coleus, Far Eastern cinneraria, chlorophytums, ornamental cabbage, also look great..

Suitable for partial shade begonias, fuchsias, balsam (“Vanka wet”), daisies, tricolor violet, muscari, woodlands, hyacinths.

Hosts and lilies of the valley grow well in the shade.

Color matching for soils of different moisture

rejuvenated - undersized flower for a flower bed Many plants are comfortable in humid places. Such conditions will please the host, coleus, cabbage, begonias and balsam, irises. If the site is in a dry place, then plants – succulents will help out: various sedum, young, saxifrage (photo), periwinkle.

Flower bed color scheme

By color, flower beds can be:

  1. one-color;
  2. variegated.

In the first case, flowers of different shades of the same color are selected. For example, on a blue flowerbed, you can plant Aubrieta, Lobularia, Carpathian bell, blue and purple petunias (Mirage, Fantasy, Merlin varieties), blue muscari, forget-me-nots.


A pink flower bed will turn out from the same petunias, but pink, purple and crimson, begonias, geraniums and fuchsias. Pink primroses and daisies will be a great addition. So that the flowerbed does not seem boring, plants with flowers of different sizes and shapes are planted in the neighborhood.

A colorful flower garden requires careful planning. Here you can use various solutions – combine plants of contrasting or related colors, create various ornaments. So, the combination of blue flowers and yellow or orange marigolds will be spectacular. Any colors will be appropriate if they are separated by stripes of white. And any flower garden will become more elegant if it is surrounded by a “mat” made of white fragrant alyssum.

Stunted perennial flowers

The basis of any flower garden is perennial plants. They are a guarantee of the preservation of the “face” of the garden.

Crocuses are very touching. We can recommend the varieties Prince Clause (white with purple spots), Ruby Gian (lilac), Violet Queen (with golden throat and purple petals).

Muscari are among the first to bloom and delight with their blue or white “candles”. They are followed by daffodils and tulips, which also have many varieties. In May – June, the time of phlox comes: subulate, Douglas, Rugelli.

Low-growing phlox for a flower bed

All summer and until late autumn, perennial alissum (rocky and silvery) blooms. In the fall, when most of the plants are already asleep, perennial asters and chrysanthemums reign in the gardens..

Low-growing chrysanthemums for a flower bed

Annual low-growing flowers for flower beds

Letniki allow you to add variety to your life – after all, their assortment can be changed every year. In addition, they will fill in gaps where perennials have not yet grown..

The most popular types of such plants:

  • asters (for example, Milady cultivar);
  • ageratum, which gives the flower garden white and blue tones;
  • marigolds are thin-leaved and small varieties of rejected;
  • begonias (Cock Tail and Organdy);
  • calendula varieties Little Ball, Calypso, Orange Coronet and Lemon Coronet;
  • matthiols (night violets) with a strong and pleasant aroma.

Separately, it is worth writing about petunias. The varieties and colors of these elegant and unpretentious flowers are so diverse that you can only decorate a flower garden with them. Plus, petunias are usually inexpensive..

We must not forget about ornamental plants. Moreover, some of them are indistinguishable from a real flower..

Such is the ornamental cabbage of cabbage varieties (up to 40 cm high):

  • “Colors of the East” with leaves from silvery gray outside to burgundy inside;
  • “Lace mosaic” in purple, cream or white;
  • “Russian circle” of various colors;

undersized ornamental cabbage

Cabbage can withstand frosts down to -12 degrees and is especially attractive in cold weather, when other plants are no longer visible. And an additional plus: cabbage can be served directly from the flower bed to the table, if you are not sorry to eat such beauty.

Correctly selected plants will make the flower garden bright and beautiful from spring to frost. You just need to remember about proper care. Low-growing plants cannot be overfed with nitrogen – from this they will turn pale and stretch.

Video: popular low-growing flowers for a flower bed

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