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How to make a wooden flower bed with your own hands?

tall wooden flower bed Hand-made wooden flower beds are a great way to transform the territory, make it more well-groomed and comfortable. Wooden flower beds help organize the space and visually divide it into areas for growing various plants. Beds made of wood differ in shape (round, rectangular, curly, etc.), size and height. The height of the fence must match the height of the planted plants.

Benefits of wooden flower beds

Many people prefer wooden flower beds to borders made of other materials. This is facilitated by the following qualities of wood beds:

  • simplicity of construction;
  • the ability to paint in any colors;
  • availability and low cost of material;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • as it decomposes, the tree provides the soil with additional nutrients;
  • wooden flower beds freeze less in winter;
  • flower beds made of wood fit perfectly into the design of the plots on which wooden houses were erected;
  • the tree is harmoniously combined with flowers, shrubs and other plants.

Since the tree is susceptible to the negative effects of moisture, you need to take care of the protective treatment of the flower bed.

For this, any formulations and impregnations with antiseptic properties that prevent rotting and insect damage are suitable. After processing, the structure must be varnished or painted. In order to make a flower bed out of wood yourself, you will need logs, boards, slats and any other wooden elements.

Design options

Wooden flower bed made of pegs

The easiest option, available even to a novice florist, is to create a fence in the form of small stumps or wooden pegs. If you are using thick, straight branches, you must first peel off the bark from them. After that, the branches need to be cut into pieces of different or the same length. It is necessary to outline the contours of the border and measure its length. In accordance with this value, you need to select the required number of pegs. Each part should be treated with impregnation and varnished..

The next stage in making a wooden flower bed is digging a narrow trench along the intended contour. The depth of the trench varies depending on the height of the pegs (on average, it is 15-25 cm). Next, the prepared pegs must be placed in a trench in turn and buried. The soil must be properly tamped. Pegs of different lengths should be alternated with each other. The height of the parts can be adjusted with a hammer. The final stage is to cover the finished puffs with paint. If you want to preserve the natural shade of the wood, one varnish will be enough..

peg bed

A flower bed of boards and bars

a flower bed of boardsAnother easy way to make a wooden flower bed with your own hands. To do this, you need three smooth planed boards and bars up to 30 cm long. First, you need to decide on the place of the future flower bed and mark it with pegs. Two boards need to be adjusted to the same size, and the third board must be cut in half. as a result, you get four blanks: two shorter boards of the same size and two long ones, also the same.

From these boards you need to fold a rectangle (for this, the details are laid out with an edge on a flat flat surface). Next, you should take four identical bars and attach them with self-tapping screws at the corners of the box from the inside. Both adjacent boards should fit snugly to each bar. One end of the bars should protrude 10-15 cm, this is necessary to secure the flower bed in the ground.

The finished flower bed must be attached to the ground and marks for digging in the bars. After the holes have been dug, you can set up a flower bed and bury the ground. Places around the mountings must be carefully tamped. When making a wooden flower bed, do not forget to cover it with a protective impregnation, paint or patch.

Flowerbed – “sandbox”

This wooden flower bed is a little more complicated than the previous model, but the basic principle remains the same. For manufacturing, you will need boards, bars and varnish. From the boards, you need to make a structure that resembles a sandbox in playgrounds. The width of the edging or surface can be from 10 to 15 cm. Thus, you get an original wooden flower bed that combines the properties of a bench. After installation, the structure can be decorated with one or more tones of paints.

flowerbed sandbox

A flower bed of whole logs

If you do not have the time and desire to fiddle with a hammer, you can simply find wide, whole logs. All you need to do is cut the desired length and remove the bark from the logs. Then a frame for the flower garden is laid out from the details. Logs covered with dark varnish look very picturesque and harmonize perfectly with green foliage.

flowerbeds of logs

Wooden flower bed

Flower beds do not have to be placed directly on the ground. These can be large, spectacular designs in the form of boxes or flowerpots. Such flower beds raise plants and make the surrounding space more “voluminous”. The shape of the flower bed can be the usual cubic, pyramidal, etc. For manufacturing, you will need boards and bars of different lengths and cross-sectional areas. The pyramidal flower bed is assembled from top to bottom, i.e. from longer parts to shorter ones. From the inside, you need to nail the blanks to close the gaps. The finished flower bed must be sheathed from the inside with waterproof materials, at the bottom the fabric should be punctured so that the liquid can drain. So that you don’t have to waste too much soil, the bottom of the flower bed can be made just above the lowest parts.

flower bed flowerpot

The network contains a lot of photos of flower beds made of wood, among which there is sure to be a suitable idea. You can show your imagination and come up with your own original way of making a wooden flower bed.

Video: how to make a flower bed from a log

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