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How to make a flower bed of tires with your own hands (photo and video)

Modern landscape design is characterized by original and bold solutions. These include the original do-it-yourself flower beds from tires, which look very attractive and do not take up much space. The desire to decorate your site, create interesting flower arrangements is quite natural, and the unique installation is also a source of pride for the creator..

Tire beds – simple and tasteful

You don’t have to be a top-class professional to create tire beds. First, they determine the location of the future composition and make a sketch of the structure. In a small area, it is appropriate to arrange a single form in the form of a cute frog, a graceful swan, a fairy carriage or a bright parrot, as in the photos of the flower beds below.

wheel frog

tire swan

flower bed

tire parrot

Larger installations are required for a spacious lawn. For example, multi-tiered flower beds made of car tires or vertical volumetric structures, as in the following photos.

vertical flower beds

flower garden

Flower beds can be of various shapes:

  • Low and high.
  • Round and oval.
  • Multi-tiered.
  • In the form of figures of animals, objects and flowers.

After having decided on the location and shape, prepare materials and tools. For work, in addition to tires, a sharp knife and paint may come in handy:

  • Stones of different sizes.
  • Metal grid.
  • Technical marble.
  • Remains of building materials.
  • Decorative stone for aquarium, etc..

When everything is ready, you can get to work..

We make flower beds from tires

The simplest is the shape of the flower. The higher the tire, the larger it will be. Before you make a flower bed out of a tire, you need to choose a tire. It is better to take a used imported product with softer and thinner “winter” rubber. It’s easier to work with her. The tire is first cleaned, washed and dried. Then the lines of future petals are applied in a contrasting color, the upper part is cut out and taken out, as in the photo of the flower beds placed below.

flower bed layout

For further decoration, use enamel, oil or nitro paint. On a clean, dry rubber surface, they spread evenly and last for a long time. You can also use car paint or spray cans to paint your tire flower bed. It is better to choose a color of light shades so that the roots of future plants do not overheat. Pure white tire construction looks very elegant.

cacti in a wheel

Or a multi-tiered flower bed made of tires, decorated with light stones of different sizes.

multi-tiered flower bed

The combination of different colors looks interesting.

large flower bed

Or, conversely, a monochromatic composition.

One-color flower bed from a wheel

When painting tires, you need to grip the upper part of the surface from the inside a little to give a more aesthetic look.

Before staining, you need to carefully consider how the future flower bed of tires with blossoming plants will look like. If the flowers are supposed to be bright and contrasting, then the tire should be monotonously modest. And, conversely, with an intricate flower bed, flowers are planted small, low.

The flowerpot will look interesting when the color of the plants resonates with the shades of the container. If you wish, you can glue oval-shaped glass aquarium stones to the flowerbed in the form of a flower – they will create the illusion of dew.

Multi-tiered flower bed

This installation will require several tires of different or identical diameters. The middle is cut out of them to make rings and the structure is assembled:

  • Install the largest tire first.
  • The bottom is lined with sand and gravel. Fertile soil is poured on top.
  • A smaller tire with the same filling is centered on top.
  • The number of tiers depends on the size of the elements.
  • Flowers or useful plants (strawberries) are planted in the spaces formed between the rings.

Flowerbed – a swan from a tire

An ordinary tire painted white can become a real masterpiece. For a swan figurine, the inner part is not cut out of it so that its weight can keep its shape.

tire swan

30-40 mm retreat from the edge of the tread and make two rounded cuts parallel to the circumference on opposite sides for two-thirds of the entire surface. The narrow middle part will make the neck, and the wide side ones will make the wings. The middle part is cut off on one side and a head is formed at its end. Then the tire is turned inside out and the wings appear. They are modified with cuts of various lengths, imitating feathers. The wings can be bent as you like – the angle of inclination can be any. It remains only to paint the bird white, let it dry and you can plant flowers, for example, forget-me-nots.flower bed cups

decorative flower bed

Video how to properly cut a tire for a flower bed

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