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Pocket digital PH meter made in China

digital pH meter A small pocket meter for ph – liquid composition is great for everyday use in summer cottages and garden plots. With its help, gardeners and gardeners can easily measure the concentration of alkalinity and acidity of various types of liquids, correctly forming nutritious baits and watering for home or garden plants.

Russian online store This tool copes with many tasks assigned to it, and can also be used in everyday life, being useful in measurements:

  • the level of concentration of alkalinity of water in aquariums, swimming pools or ponds;
  • helps to create the correct concentration of nutrient solutions for plants;
  • will allow you to measure the amount of active and chemical elements in drinks and food.

meter price in KazanWhile showing accurate measurements, the unit may have a small amount of fluctuation, and displays a scale of PH values ​​ranging from 0.1 to 14.0 ph.

Main characteristics:

  • ph measurement range: 0.1 – 14.0 ph;
  • resolution accuracy: +/- 1ph (at 20 degrees C), +/- 2 ph;
  • operating temperature range: from 0 to 50 degrees C;
  • calibration method: manual, one-point;
  • dimensions: 152 mm X 30 mm X 21 mm;
  • weight: 50g.

digital meter in the Ukrainian online storeDelivery set:

  • 1-n digital ph-meter;
  • 1 x calibration screwdriver;
  • 3 complete batteries;
  • user manual, in English.

The principle of operation and storage of the device

The main measuring sensor of the compact device is a glass electrode, which is embedded inside the base of the device. By placing the tip of the device in a liquid substance, it will analyze in a short period of time and form a finished result on a monochrome display located on the side of the device..

It is necessary to observe the principles of storage of the device, otherwise the electrode dries up, and after a certain time the measurement readings will begin to show deviations from the actual data. For storing the gadget, a special buffer solution is provided, with the composition of KCI and NaCl, which must be changed from time to time.

meter on AliexpressYou can purchase the product both in online stores in Russia and the CIS countries, and on the Aliexpress trading platform. At the same time, models on Aliexpress are cheaper, and in terms of quality they are not inferior to analogues in online stores..

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