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We buy a measuring spoon with a clip from China on the Aliexpress website

measuring spoon with clip Coffee is an aromatic and delicious drink. However, if you store it in an open container, the invigorating smell can quickly disappear and the coffee will not bring any pleasure. To prevent this from happening, you have to close the package in every possible way. Usually, improvised means are used: clothespin, paper clip, hair clip, and so on. But is there really no special device?

coffee clip measuring spoon In fact, there is a special measuring spoon with a clip. Thanks to this device, you can quickly and tightly close the coffee package. In this case, the coffee will not even have time to lose its pleasant aroma. In addition, the measuring spoon allows you to measure out exactly as much coffee as you need for one cup of drink..

Advantages of the Clamp Measuring Spoon:

  1. Simplicity. Now you don’t have to constantly look for a teaspoon and a clothespin. Everything at hand in one device.
  2. Versatility. The measuring spoon with clip can be used not only for coffee, but also for other bulk products.
  3. Accuracy. The measuring spoon allows you to pour in the exact amount of coffee without spilling a single gram of product.
  4. Purity. After use, just rinse the measuring spoon under running water. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

measuring spoon in the online storeThe measuring spoon is a great device that will greatly facilitate the preparation of coffee. Every lover of this aromatic and refined drink should have it. However, the main question remains: how much does this product cost? In online stores in Russia and Ukraine, a measuring spoon with a clip costs 280 rubles. Quite a good price for such a versatile device.

measuring spoon on the Aliexpress websiteHowever, on the Aliexpress website, a measuring spoon with a clip is sold for only 76 rubles. This price is really suitable for this device, which makes it easier to prepare a fragrant drink..

Clip Measuring Scoop Features:

  • material – stainless steel;
  • length – 17.5 cm.

stainless steel measuring spoonThus, a measuring spoon with a clip solves two problems at once: finding a teaspoon and a clothespin. But it is best to only buy this product directly from a Chinese manufacturer. Indeed, domestic stores indicate a high price for this device, and the characteristics of domestic and Chinese goods do not differ at all.

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