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Folding table for summer cottages from China

tourist folding table Portable furniture is an indispensable product for those who often leave the house to the country or to the countryside. These items can be quickly folded up and carried to a closet, garage, or on a trip. In this article, we will consider how to choose a high-quality portable table and where to get it at the lowest price..

table When choosing a portable stand, first of all, pay attention to the material from which it is made. It is desirable that the table is made of metal or plastic. In the first case, the product will last as long as possible, and in the second it will be very easy to transfer it from place to place. If you want to find a versatile option, pay attention to aluminum furniture. As a rule, such tables can be compactly folded, and they weigh no more than 1-2 kilograms..

A good portable table for summer cottages or tourist outings is on Aliexpress..assembly table for aliexpress

Quite good price and good quality declared by the seller. The cost of the goods is 3,158 rubles 57 kopecks. Delivery is completely free. The promised time of arrival of the goods ranges from 18 to 30 days. Let’s compare this price with offers in domestic stores.

Prices in domestic online stores are not much higher than Chinese ones. For example, in the largest Ukrainian online store, you can buy folding tourist tables for an average price of 1,400 hryvnia, which equals 3,800 Russian rubles.. assembly table in the online store

Let’s take a closer look at a table from a Chinese manufacturer. Material: Oxford cloth plus aluminum alloy.

folding table and chairsThe table frame and legs are also made of durable aluminum. Such material will provide durability of use for long seasons. Also, the portable table can be folded compactly. The folded appearance of the product is shown in the figure below (the cover is attached to the product):folded table

The weight of the table is 980 grams. A fairly small figure for a solid aluminum product. In case of dirt, the fabric can be easily washed.

If you wish, you can purchase folding chairs from the same seller for a separate cost. Among the advantages of such a product, one can also highlight the resistance of the fabric to fading in the sun..

Tourist table video review:

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